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  1. Fermi 5XX works with Lion DP4/GM!

    fermi drivers got officially released, i updated the OP thread. Any other important (general) updates/notes i should add in the OP thread?
  2. Fermi 5XX works with Lion DP4/GM!

    [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] ist NOT a bootloader..its just a combination of tools...so its pretty much setting up a bootloader for you and everything... in this case the name of your bootloader is chimera..which is based on chameleon...so its pretty much the same...you dont have to replace anything...just edit your com.boot.plist in your extra folder...google for more informations
  3. Fermi 5XX works with Lion DP4/GM!

    im using chameleon..and thats where i did set up my display resolution...maybe it helps for you
  4. Fermi 5XX works with Lion DP4/GM!

    ive updated my system finally to 10.7.2..and can say that everything went smooth. just had to update and didnt have to edit the NV100 graphics kext. I've also updated my Chameleon boot loader to the lastest rev. after the update.
  5. Fermi 5XX works with Lion DP4/GM!

    ill do some tests as soon as i get home and will update the starting thread with the results.
  6. VoodooHDA in Lion

    at those with the XFi: Do all outputs work? in my case only the green output works with voodoo
  7. Fermi 5XX works with Lion DP4/GM!

    i don't think chimera offers the prefpane..you will need to install the latest chameleon trunk
  8. Fermi 5XX works with Lion DP4/GM!

    @apple pie: did you also install an enabler? @gigazord: which booter are you using? I'm using chameleon and with this you can disable graphics mode under system setting. (you don't have to do it manually anymore) @theesbastian: did you rebuild everything? (kexts) you can also try to enable the boater's graphics enabler and the ATY-Init to see if either one works. (its that what i did first) don't forget to rebuild and cache. @Sizukhan: try to use the tool to install the kexts (described in the first thread). Also REBUILD kexts and cache with the tool.
  9. Fermi 5XX works with Lion DP4/GM!

    @raam3: did you use the native graphics enabler? If you didn't, try that and remove ATY_Init. @ AnyColourYouLike: Did you also try the native graphics enabler at first? Remove it ATY_init first and then enable Graphics enabler. @nk2007: i had the same problem. Though after editing the OpenCL next and rebuilding everything, everything worked. You can try for now the mplayer. That prog worked even without OpenCL.
  10. Fermi 5XX works with Lion DP4/GM!

    try without it...if it doesn't get recognized, try it with it
  11. VoodooHDA in Lion

    yeah I'm using it right now with a X-Fi card. Only one audio port is available so far.
  12. Fermi 5XX works with Lion DP4/GM!

    @hannibal1969: in my case, my graphic card didn't get recognized at all without that kext. As far i know, the kext only identifies the graphic card and sends the device id to the system. But I'll give it another try and remove the kext and see if it is still being recognized. @touchmybox: could you provide us with some more infos? Like system profiler pics? Can you also check if your card is being recognized during booting? (try with -v) There should be something like: NVG.100HAL is registered and loaded.
  13. Fermi 5XX works with Lion DP4/GM!

    @touchmybox: use npci=0x2000 and -v and tell us where it stops then
  14. Fermi 5XX works with Lion DP4/GM!

    @camoguy: could you post your modified next for other users?
  15. Fermi 5XX works with Lion DP4/GM!

    @mayhemm88: i can confirm this. I've edited the starting thread.