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  1. kludgedean

    Help me install Lion DP2 Please

    Attached 0.83.05 as requested. I'm currently in the IRC channel with the creator of this booter. I can relay the issue to him if you want? What's the issue? XPC_0.83.05.rar
  2. kludgedean

    Supported Graphics cards with Full QE/QI

    Thanks for the contribution, fattire357. I'm looking at a new graphics card, and obviously Mac OS X really isn't going to utilize these cards to their extent. Although a 5770 sounds a great buy, it's probably not going to cut it for windows gaming (which is probably what most people will still be doing with their cards (dual booting etc))/ I'm looking at a 6870, but no idea if it'd work AT ALL, so i'm hesitant to buy one in case it renders OSX practically useless! - Another good reason to hold onto my 8800GT
  3. kludgedean

    Help me install Lion DP2 Please

    The latest 752 chameleon should support booting Lion, however the installation of it is nowhere as simple as other booters. Personally i would recommend testing/installing on another drive, as things are far from working 100% The booter i'm using, and assisting with is XPC 0.83.05, which now supports booting from a HDD (I haven't tested this, as there is no simple documentation, and the developer is quite busy with the progression of the loader) The XPC 0.83.05 (and some previous versions) allow the installation of lion WITHOUT ANY modifications to the original DMG (which i'd previously been doing). The trickiest part is making the USB stick work Basically it goes a little something like this Windows; Run a tool designed for the process (never worked for me) (existing) MacOSX; Format drive in disk utility as FAT run DuetToHDD on the USB Key (using the disk identifier found in disk utility) copy files from the archive of XPC 0.83.05 ( I'm not sure if the DuetToHDD part is needed, as there's a small installer called XPC Boot Prepare ) Hope this helps fuel your desire to carry on
  4. Thought I'd start a thread for people trialling Lion, with already working hardware, in an effort to find out what series/models of cards are compatible, have full resolution, full QE/QI acceleration, and what's needed to get them to work as such. resources list NVEnabler64; http://www.kexts.com/view/984-nvenabler.kext.html RoaringApps; http://roaringapps.com/apps:table Compatibility List of OSX 10.7 Lion Apps ATI/AMD Cards HD 4000 Series ATI HD 4870 512 ram; With Graphics Enabler works grate on Lion 11A459e. The strange thing is that it thinks that I have an additional VGA display connected on my second port. This did not happen in previews builds. HD5000 Series HD5670 ASUS works without any injector HD5770 1GB sapphire works without any injector HD5770 fully working without injector (in DP1... not tested since) HD5850 1GB Sapphire Vapor-X works without any injector HD6000 Series XFX 6870 100% working including the mini Display Port use GraphicsEnabler=Yes nVidia Cards 7000 Series Albatron 7600 GT fully working in 32 bit , with any above method 8000 series 8400GS 512MB works 100% with NVEnabler64 8600GT 512MB works 100% with NVEnabler 8600GS 256MB works 100% with NVEnabler64 8800GT 512MB works 100% GraphicsEnabler=Yes 8800GT 1024MB (Gainward bliss GS) works OK with GraphicsEnabler=Yes, better with NVEnabler64 8800GTX Club3D (thanks to npwski (http://www.applelife.ru/topic/29175 post 244) ___ deleting GeForce7xxx & NVDAResmanG7xxx from S/L/E fully working, with GE=Y) 9000 Series 9400GT 512MB XFX works without any injector 9400GT 512MB EVGA works fine with NVEnabler64 9600GT 100% with enabler 9800GT 1 Gig works 100% with NVEnabler64 OR DSDT INjection. 9800GT 512 MB (Club3D Geforce ) working 100% with Efi string ... currently using with Chameleon Graphics enabler and loaded .rom. GTS/GTX Series GT240 512MB nVidia works 100% with NVEnabler64 or without Enabler with DSDT GTS 250 1GB XFX Nvidia DualDVI fully working with NVEnabler. GTX 260 Core 216 896MB (EVGA 896-P3-1255-AR GeForce) works 100% with either Graphics Enabler (pciroot set) or DSDT GT275 896MB nVidia works 100% with NVEnabler64 335M GT works 100% (no HDMI sound though) with GraphicsEnabler=yes Nvidia Fermi architecture cards GTX 460 device ID 0E22 works with GraphicsEnabler=y (HDMI not tested) NOT WORKING GeForce GTX 560 Ti not working, no QE/CI :/ Please feel free to add your hardware here, and I shall add them to the list
  5. kludgedean

    How to install OSX Lion Preview

    Also checked there, there's only one instance of it (found with spotlight) and it's not there. Trying other loaders. Notably the newest XPC 0.83.82 (i'm in their IRC channel), not really hardly any talk, letalone assistance. I'm still finding out information from assorted sources, but can only assume that one of the reasons it's not installing is through 'modelling', IE macpro8,1 when maybe that's incompatible... Kinda hit a brick wall, too much information out there, just making sense of ANY of it, is quite an acheievement really.
  6. Just a heads up, Thanks to this hread, I nailed OSX 10.6.7 so easily, it was wonderful!. I've not updated my BIOS to FF yet, so will have to do that (Notable change is support for 3TB HDDs). Also, Just in case anyone knows, I've been working on getting 10.7 (dev preview 2) to work, and I'm successful upto the part where you pick the language, and click continue, it complains about it not being able to be installed :'( Upon lots of reading, it's supposedly something about a PlatformSupport.plist (which amusingly I cannot find). I've asked about on the forum, and hope at some point to contribute to a thread on getting our board OSX10.7 successful <3
  7. kludgedean

    How to install OSX Lion Preview

    I don't suppose anyone can help me out? I've managed to (eventually) successfully get a USB stick to boot a USB installer of Lion Dev 2, it boots without panic, gets to a GUI stage where you pick the language and comes up with "Mac OS X can't be installed on this computer" I've looked around for platformsupport.plist, in /S/L/E/ on the installer USB stick, and it's just not there O_O In the menu of the [url=&quot;http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/&quot;]#####[/url] EFI i've left everything as is, apart from a -v boot flag, nothing of any failure comes up. Any help appreciated (Hardware in sig) <3
  8. kludgedean

    Graphics card for a 100% compatible Hack Pro

    Would be interested too. I have a 1GB 8800GT at the moment which is fine for anything Mac, but Win64 gaming is ofcourse pretty crappy! a GTX285 would be something i'm interested in, if it's definitely supported as easily as just graphicsenabler=y. Are there any sync issues as others have explained in the GTX 460 series?
  9. kludgedean

    Dell vostro 1700 Intel wifi -> dell 1390

    Was searching for Vostro 1700 stuff, and found this old post of mine for reference/archive; It doesn't seem to matter which 2 colours are connected, it seems it makes do with 2 rather than all 3. Maybe the 3rd just acts as an auxillary, or triple antennae
  10. You may need to re-install the (retail) graphics update after altering the SMBIOS profile from anything to/from MacPro3,1. Also, I can report, that if any other model apart from MacPro3,1, 4,1, or 5,1 are used, then the retail nVidia graphics installer complains of incompatible hardware (even though my 8800GT is indeed supported, so the (retail) obviously peeks at the model. Used the fakesmc for MacPro4,1 (and also SMBIOS for 3,1) without any issue. Just not sure how to test any SMC functionality within a 64bit environment (only 32bit)
  11. I can happily confirm that using BIOS `FC` with the DSDT seems to sleep perfectly! I have left it a few minutes, and it resumes perfectly, as well as for a 12hr stretch, with no consequence as previous posted encountered. There is also an AUTO patcher which I have looked into, I'm not sure what the differences of the 2 are, but to have a machine that sleeps without any issue I'm stunned (Been trying to get my Vostro 1700 to sleep for over 7 months now! (Still need to fiddle with 10.6.5 sleep enabler) ) If i can assist in any way, please don't hesitate to contact me Footnote: Additionally I have followed a slightly less strung out guide, which seems to also work flawlessly ( http://tipsotto.blogspot.com/p/holy-hackintosh-build.html ) with a few minor alterations 1/ Using a 10.6.5 combo update from a 10.6.0 retail DVD *2/ Setting the SMBIOS to macpro3,1 <--- SEE NOTE, VERY important *Note: For some reason, the SMBIOS model name is extremely relevant, I have tested in all configurations with [url=&quot;http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/&quot;]#####[/url] (for quickness), as to the different models, and have found (by FAR) the fastest OpenGL performance comes from the SMBIOS reading a macpro3,1... So much so the framerate, is actually the SAME as windows on my GeForce 8800GT (as in ~37FPS!) ADDITIONALLY: Installing the Retail drivers for nVidia adds yet another few FPS, the TonyMac hacked drivers are not required for my 8800GT, as it's supported out of the box in the driver bundle.
  12. http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-p...9&dl=1#bios I got all my parts yesterday and spent hours setting it all up, and set up nicely. If i can assist in any way, please throw me a line. Footnote: I am running said current (FC) BIOS myself, and wondering if a new DSDT would be needed.
  13. Been re-reading lots of pages, and think I've got all the extras I need, a lot of different versions and packages, but I'm confident that it'll be a straight forward install. Will let you all know how I progress, as well as ask any questions. I'm planning to overclock >=4.2GHz, and eventually change video card, now they're actually SUPPORTED shocking! - Placed my order a few days ago, due to arrive tomorrow! After much thought, researching, and narrowing down the price, as well as few (2) eTailers as possible, I have gone for the following components Case: Coolermaster HAF X ( http://www.aria.co.uk/Products/Components/...productId=40974 ) Mobo: GA-X58A-UD3R (rev 2) ( http://www.aria.co.uk/Products/Components/...productId=39589 ) CPU: Intel i7 950 3.06GHz D0 stepping ( http://www.aria.co.uk/SuperSpecials/Other+...productId=39341 ) HSF: Noctua NH-D14 ( http://www.aria.co.uk/Products/Components/...productId=41109 ) RAM: 12GB (3x4GB) Patriot Viper II Sector 7 (7-9-7-21 1600Mhz) ( http://www.lambda-tek.com/componentshop/in...;prodID=B528985 ) Gfx: nVidia GeForce 8800 GT 1GB PSU: (Existing) Corsair 520w Audio: (Existing) Focusrite Saffire (Firewire) Footnotes: Cooler; Decided on the Noctua cooler as it's well proven, was going to be different, and grab a Thermalright Silver Arrow, but read that when applying a bit more voltage (if needed to OC) then its the weak spot of the cooler, the Noctua just eats it up! (can't find the article at the moment) RAM; Decided on the Patriot RAM as its extremely low timings of 7-9-7-20 are the lowest i've seen, and read reviews of it running very easily at said timings at 1600Mhz, so even if i needed to run at faster, then i could slacken off some timings, and it'd still be as fast (if not faster) than other 2000Mhz RAM Case; Decided on the HAF X as airflow is obviously important, loved the industrious/military look, The other case that caught my eye was a Fractal Designs Define XL ( http://www.fractal-design.com/?view=produc...y=2&prod=54 ). Although the r3 comes in a beautiful 'arctic white', the HAF X just took it because airflow is more important in such a potentially HOT rig! Audio & Graphic: Existing focusrite saffire was used as it's known to work extremely well under MacOSX's coreaudio, so no kexts needed, just REAL `plug n play` as it is under win32/64,8800 GT is also well known to work.
  14. Not yet, but plan to backup system, and give it a whizz! Would have to be today when i'm especially busy Good luck everyone who does an update, let us know if it was successful, or if it breaks anything, as will I when I get round to updating =]
  15. Forgot to add that I will be buying a 3rd party HSF, I'm thinking a Noctua NH-D14, or a Thermaltake Frio. I do like the quiet, Currently using a (then) top of the range Tuniq Tower 120, on a 50% overclocked E6600, which I have (accidentally) many times left running completely passively Will be overclocking to 4GHz+, RAM choices I've narrowed down to a few, not sure if it's worth spending extra on 2000GHz RAM, as I'd rather do what I've done currently (whack up the FSB to 401, and have the RAM run slightly slower, but with stable tighter timings) I have, by choice (and a lot of reading) decided (pretty much) on 3x4GB kits, rather than filling all 6 slots, as it would appear (in some cases) to impede overclocks, as well as be less air-flowy around the DIMMs, unless I can be swayed ofcourse by someone on this thread, as (6x2) kits are sometimes cheaper ( http://www.ballicom.co.uk/components/memor...r3.p430661.html ) <- for example Anyone have a preference, or insight as to the better cooler? Currently I have a rear potentiometer, so if need be I can krank it up (otherwise it's on minimum always)... I've noted that 1 of the 2 coolers has a way of kranking up/down, but that'd mean a constant case opening! Noctua NH-D14 / Thermaltake Frio ? As for RAM; Corsair Dominator 1600Mhz (3x4GB) http://www.kikatek.com/product_info.php?products_id=157094 at an amazing smidge over £200! G.Skill RipJaw 1600Mhz (3x4GB) http://www.memoryc.com/products/descriptio...x4GB/index.html at a bit more, but I've seen a lot of these kits used. A little off topic toward the end, my apologies, Can't wait to join you guys within a few weeks <3