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  1. Hi, Mirone, thanks for your help before. I still have bluetooth and sleep problem, when I sleep, it is actually dead, I have to restart it again. I am using newest 0.5.1 pack, so any suggestion on this? thanks in advance.
  2. My sound problem is solved by using AppleHDA.kext Mirone sent me, it is perfect, Mirone's amazing. thanks him very much. The file name is AppleHDA-2.6.3f4-ALC280.zip, my network is really poor to upload it, sorry for that, maybe Mirone already upload it. My sound problem is solved by using AppleHDA.kext Mirone sent me, it is perfect, Mirone's amazing. thanks him very much. The file name is AppleHDA-2.6.3f4-ALC280.zip, my network is really poor to upload it, sorry for that, maybe Mirone already upload it.
  3. Yes, I remove the two kext following the document in 0.5.1, and do fully install all kexts in the 0.5.1 pack using kext drop.app, and replace dsdt files, the result is no sound anymore, and also BT still not work. (I did a fresh install using 0.5.1 pack). I am dual booting, 70GB for windows 8, 45GB for 10.9.3, and install clover on internal SDHC, all works fine but sounds and bluetooth.
  4. I also met this problem, when update to 0.5.1, no sound anymore.
  5. Hi, Thico Alves, could you help to brief describe how could you install the tool in your micro SD card? What did you select in each step, it have a lot of options, so I have no idea which I should check or uncheck? Do that need the SD card to be formatted first? Sorry to bother you, please help.
  6. @JahStories, thanks very much, I am using V0.3 dsdt.aml now, I will try this later. Update: Hi, JahStories, I think the new file should NOT work, as it is binary the same with the problem one that I used. See the attachment image:
  7. @JahStories, any update to the v0.4 dsdt.aml file, the bluetooth issue, I remember you said you will check it, but I see no update so far, thanks.
  8. Thanks, dude. Actually I compared all kexts in v0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, they are all binary the same, the only difference is config.plist and dsdt.aml. So kexts should not be a problem, but config.plist and dsdt.aml file. BTW, do you think the internal wifi problem will be fixed finally? If so, that's perfect. Another question, I could not have Clover installed to my Mac OSX partition on SSD, do I need to format the whole SSD first to GPT format?? If so...Wanna give up...(update: seem this is true, I now use 10GB partition from external HDD as bootloader). Edit again: When install on SSD(I have 47GB for it on internal SSD), security options is gray, so no where to change to GPT. What's your case when install? (Update: Now I install Mac 10.9.3 in SSD without install Clover on the partition, use external 10GB partition as bootloader, I could accept it.) To me, except Bluetooth(could not be turned off) and internal Wifi, others work fine. Thanks again very much, caleidosCope.
  9. Great, thanks for your information, dude. Very good suggestion for me. BTW, do you using v0.4 files or v0.3 files from the guide? All works for you except internal wifi card? (Video card, sounds, USB ports, Bluetooth, etc.)
  10. Hi, dude, how did you deal with the USB problem, does it work finally? Okay, got you, thanks very much. I will try some to see if USB hub will work or not, if still have no break, I then will install it on internal SSD, how many space do you reserve for your Mac OSX BTW?
  11. @caleidosCope, thanks very much for answer my question. And also sorry for the bother JahStories. I will follow the rule here. BTW, my connections are the following: Surface Pro 1 USB 3.0 <--------> ORICO USB hub (4 USB3.0 ports), then One port for wireless USB mouse. One port for external USB HDD 160GB. (Mac OSX 10.9.3 is installed) One port for plug&unplug iPhone or Android Phone. Just want to know, what's your usage of USB hub, where do you install your Mac OS X, on internal SSD? Ignore this question if you think it is bothering you, heh. I will read and learn more on this to see if I could fix my problem. thanks again.
  12. @JahStories, could you help? I asked you several times, seem none of my question get answered. Now I am using v0.3 Clover configuration, and I installed all the kexts in v0.4 package. My problem is USB hub working, when I plug USB device after boot into Mac 10.9.3, for example, iPhone, the color windmill appear, and system become busy and loss response to anything. What should I do, please help, thanks in advance.
  13. @JahStories, thanks for the tip, I change from v0.4 to v0.3, and HD4000 now work fine. Seem v0.4 really have some issues. Also same as posted by other, bluetooth could not be turned off, you mentioned to delete the kext files, do you mean all the three kexts in /L/S/E that contain 'Bluetooth' keyword?
  14. @JahStories, could you help to pack your Clover EFI folder and injected kexts for me? As our device and osx are totally the same, do you think that will work for me?
  15. [surfaceosx] Hi, JahStories and All: I follow exactly your step in the guide. The thing is, I could not boot into 10.9.3 osx after install to my HDD 160 external USB. So I enable injectededid, loadvbios and set fake id: 0x1660009. And it works and can boot into osx. I have a problem here, after I install Clover to HDD, and install kexts using KextDrop.app, it still could not boot into osx, again I set 0x1660009 and enable injectededid, loadvbios, it could boot. I viewed config.plist, for graphics part, Intel set to yes, but its id is 0x0166004, seem different from what I set when boot. Also I tried to install HD4000 patch using "http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/296669-hackintosh-vietnam-ultimate-aio-tool-for-hackintosh/?hl=+hackintosh%20+vietnam". But in the end of installation(run script part), the installer hang there, could not finish the install. What should I do to make HD4000 work, please help.