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  1. upgrade to lion

    hey gygabyte, Sorry for the late reply. I got very busy with my games. Anyways i havent yet done what you have suggested, however i will surely try it out once i finish developing the game ( for which i have installed lion ). Thanks
  2. upgrade to lion

    hey thanks, yes i think so m using the latest chameleon - it's Chameleon-2.1svn-r1897 than too i will download the chameleon wizard which u have suggested and will remove the restart fix when installing the new chameleon. I have no problem with the system info ( except that there is no serial number ) - I have attached few screen shots of it. The problems which i have encountered till now are - NO wifi, NO track pad ( after upgrading to 10.7.2 ), NO card reader. if there are other things not working than i don't know as i haven't used them yet. There is a smbios.plist file in the Extra folder though ( attached ). I took it from the Extra folder from this link - http://www.insanelym...howtopic=256729 though i don't know what to write in that plist file ( even if i wish to tweak it). about the wireless card. I have attached the system info screenshot of it. It shall be great of you if you can figure out something from it. and about the dsdt as i said i created it using the patch from that site ( in my previous post ) and using dsdt editor and have kept the dsdt.aml in Extra folder. Thanks smbios.txt
  3. upgrade to lion

    hey gigabyte thanks a lot for the replies. highly appreciated. the kexts and their locations are as follows S/L/E - voodooHDA, voodoobattery, atherosL1Cethernet and appleacpipltform installed via kext wizard and removed applehda from the same location and rebuild cache for s/l/e via next wizard E/E - AppleACPIPS2Nub, AsusHotKeys(thanks to pein), FakeSMC, intelcpumonitor, intelthermal, ionetworkingfamily, nullcpupowermanagement, voodoops2controller. copied them directly and than rebuilt caches via kext wizard ( only this folder). used DSDT editor and patch file from olarila.com and pasted that new dsdt in Extra folder. insatlled chameleon with following options checked - restart fix, power management ( PState and Cstate ) and graphics enabler. things which are still giving problems are - shut down and restart, NO wifi ( though it's there in the system info of about this mac and also wifi signal on laptop starts when i switch it on ) is seen in the system preferences&--#62; network option, and also clock is messed up. any kexts for wifi/airport?? Thanks once again for all the help.
  4. upgrade to lion

    guys, all done upgraded to 10.7.2. now my laptop keyboard and trackpad are also working. For now i think just Wi fi is not working. I mean it shows up in the system information ( about this mac ) section however, it does not show up in the system preferences. any leads? any kexts?
  5. upgrade to lion

    okay everything is installed nicely. lion is detecting my graphics card also. However, I again messed it up... . now none of the keyboards are working - USB as well as laptop's. However, the USB mouse is working ( m able to move the mouse pointer but cannot click on anything - on the login page ) and yes no trackpad still. and yes webcam is also not working the kexts which i included were these - VoodooPS2Controller-0.98-installer.pkg, AppleACPIPS2Nub file for keyboard and mouse. and i haven't deleted any other kext except AppleHDA from the S/L/E folder. where can i have gone wrong? Thanks.
  6. upgrade to lion

    hey guys, at last lion is installed. I used this method - http://www.insanelym...howtopic=256729 now I am trying to install the correct kexts. I hope it works after that. however i have a question. Which all things ( kexts and/or any other system files ) get affected if i update 10.7 to 10.7.2 and than to 10.7.3 and what should I do to keep everything in working condition. because i will really be needing the latest lion for my development purpose. So can I set that chameleon option while installing chameleon or i will always have to boot my lion with -f ( i think that's single user mode, right)?
  7. upgrade to lion

    hey guys, @gygabyte - no i havent used the usb flags of the chameleon boot loader. but when should i use it? while booting the lion for the first time or when booting installed lion from the USB flash drive ( installable lion ). @both - Yes i did connect a USB keyboard too and tried. but than too no luck. I had the applePS2 in the extra folder and i copy pasted voodoops2 to the s/l/e from snow leopard ( when it was working ). @bigben - The lion setup is not identifying either my laptop keyboard/trackpad or usb keyboard/mouse. thus m not able to pass through the connect keyboard screen. Can it be that m keeping the respective kexts in wrong folder while making the bootable USB? If yes than which kext should I use for my below mentioned config and where should i keep while making the bootable USB? the config - ASUS g51VX - RX05 processor - core 2 duo 2.0 ghz RAM - 4GB DDR2 motherboard - intel pm45 graphics card - nvidia gtx 260m 1 gb altec lansing speakers with realtek drivers thanks
  8. upgrade to lion

    guys? anyone can throw some light on THESE issues?
  9. upgrade to lion

    Hey gringo, thanks for the reply I did the same thing and for now everything is working as you have mentioned - except one thing - my lion i getting stuck at : connect a keyboard " screen. I than even went into the Info.plist at the following location - System/library/coreservices/setup assistant.ap/contents from the terminal app of the installation USB and deleted these two lines. <string>DeviceSection</string> <string>KeyBoardTypeSection</string> And also because of all these trial and error i messed up my snow leopard... ( i think it happened because i think i once ran the kext wizard from SL for lion and maybe i might have forgotten to change the location ). SL show this error while booting in verbose - USBMSC Identifier ( non - unique ) : for this i went into the terminal app of the lion installation disk and went into the SL volume and tried updating the kext with the following command - kextcache -system-caches kextcache -system-prelinked-kernel and also tried repairing the disk permissions from the disk utility app of the lion installation USB. M in a real fix right now. I need to start either of these two or both of them so that i can start working on my iOS projects. Is there any other method other than these? Thanks.
  10. upgrade to lion

    hey gygabyte, thanks for the post and thanks to pien for his post - http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=263949&st=0. I am able to install lion with help from you two. However, I have a question. As i have installed lion on an USB hdd so obviously chameleon is going to get installed there. however will my windows 7 open up when the hdd is not connected? If no than may I get names of windows 7 (64 bit) bootloaders which can detect mac os x to ( when usb is connected).
  11. OSX 10.7 G51JX X1 Lion fully working!

    hey Pein thanks for the awesome post. however, I am stuck at the kakewalk part ( point 2 ) itself. kakewalk installs the app to the usb>asks to install kakewalk> i select the motherboard ( as specified )> some process starts> and after some time i get an error... "Failed to download applehda.zip. restart the application and try again". Any suggestions?? Thanks
  12. upgrade to lion

    hey gygabyte, thanks for your reply. And my apologizes for wrongly conveying my message. By uninstalling I actually meant what you interpreted - deleting the OS. Never mind I will just format that partition once lion is installed. And yes m not using an AMD processor. If i would have I would not have been able to install leopard and snow leopard, right?... Anyways, thanks for your reply. will post as soon as I install lion...successfully.
  13. upgrade to lion

    Hey guys thank you so very much for a quick response. I am ready to do a fresh install, however, I don't want quad boot.. as I already have a win 7, leopard (on system HDD) and a snow leopard ( on an USB HDD). So, can I do something like - install lion and than uninstall snow leopard from the USB HDD? If yes than what's the safest way of doing that? Thanks
  14. upgrade to lion

    I searched the forum but couldn't find it. Has anyone here upgraded their snow leopard hackintosh to lion hackintosh. If yes can you please post the procedure? Thanks
  15. ASUS G51VX- Anyone try this laptop yet?

    hey guys anyone who can solve the bios date/time issue?