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  1. Asus P5E DSDT fixes

    Since this does seem to be the P5E thread, is anyone else having trouble with the Marvell 88E056 causing the system to hang after running a while? I have my box set up to switch between OSX and Windows 7. After running Windows 7 for a while (Skyrim addiction), I came back to OS X, but after running for a day or two my system became completely unresponsive. When I rebooted it would hang towards the end of verbose boot before the graphics started (When I got my system working again, I noticed that it was hanging right where it currently sets up the NIC). After stumbling around a lot, I was able to boot up again after removing the LegacyAppleYukon2.kext from E/E, but then I didn't have networking. Whenever I tried to sudo kextutil LegacyAppleYukon2.kext or AppleYukon2Injector.kext, my computer would instantly freeze. Finally, I unplugged my computer for a while, which I'm guessing cleared out some RAM on the NIC. After I plugged back in and rebooted, I was able to load the AppleYukon2 injector, and I put it back in E/E and everything is working fine. Thanks for any help/advice!