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  1. Ok 64 views and no one could help... anyway I worked it out by myself... Install koverg patch first, then callisto and changed the 9700GA.kext to the callistoFB. Works in all resolutions with full CI/QE enabled. System profiler says PCIe 300SE or something but I really don't care. Now I just need to get my sound working and I'll be set.
  2. Ok well this is listed in the wiki as working on 10.4.5... I've got 10.4.6 Jas and Can't get this card to work at all. Can anyone help me?
  3. poodle2

    Sound Help!!!!

    I just wanted to see if there had been any further updates for this card? I have read ina few places that people have gotten it working with a patch from Maxxuss but I can't find the patch anywhere...
  4. With the default dvd install system profiler said I had QE/CI but then after patching with callisto drivers patch it says they are not available. Tried the koverg patch but that didn't seem to work either... should I just go back to a fresh install and change the resolution through the boot.plist?? Any help would be appreciated!
  5. poodle2

    BenQ Joybook 6000

    As I sort of guessed... looks like no-one else is using this laptop.
  6. Just wanted to get you guys thoughts on whether we will see a hacked osx 10.5 for non apple hardware like we have now for tiger? Will they introduce any new security systems? If not will it be more compatible with todays hardware or not? Guess its too early to tell but just wondering what people thought...
  7. poodle2

    BenQ Joybook 6000

    Ok so probably not many people are going to have this laptop, but figured it was worth a try... Have tried several ways to try get this installed, get an error trying to install through vmware, no hard drive shown in native install. Tried several versions and haven't been able to get it going. Hardware is 1.5ghz centrino, intel 845 ICH4 integrated intel graphics. Theoretically should be ok but maybe this specific hardware combo is no good. Anyway would be really interested if someone managed to get it working...