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  1. Easy confirmation, open up the widgets and try to add a new one, if it splashes with ripples its on, else off. Try to run aperture, it doesn't work, In my case the screens do not refresh. unless you movethem off screen and on again. am currently hardcoding ID's into nvdanxxhal.kext's plists
  2. Well, have two different installs, both DSDT based, one using Dood's approach and another based on Cruisar's famesmc. So far with the upgrade to 10.6.3, everything works except the Video card. The 9800gt card shows up properly in profiler, just no QE/CI capability. Been generating EFI strings as well as using GraphicsEnabler to no avail. Anyone here have a fix?
  3. I see nothing in your setup that would prevent firewire from operating. I would recommend checking bios settings or the connection/power status of the device. You may want to launch with -v in from the bootloader and catch what the status of firewire is while it is booting, or check the logs for your firewire status.
  4. Am using one drive with Chamelen RC3 Other drive using PC-EFI 10.5 PC-EFI method am able to run with less kexts, and am DSDT from emilio's post on page 34 Am running super combo and kexts are as follows fakesmc -Extra LegacyHDA-System NullCPU-extra Openhalt-extra sleep6.2-extra Platformuuid-extra Everything works in 32/64 Nothing special for Firewire, am using FW for mass of disk storage, so no issues doing that
  5. By audio interfaces, I am assuming you are referring to external firewire connected interfaces, not the integrated sound card, or USB card based interface. On the internal sound, using the emilo DSDT/EFI method, no sound glitches are heard while transferring data via firewire. There were issues using the voodoo kext with the mouse,firewire and audio using the RC3 method.
  6. Yes, it does generate these errors, and Power conservation mode is disabled, but it reads and writes successfully. Have transferred 4+TB to the firewire drives with no issues.
  7. Firewire is working fine. Nothing special to make it work, even seemed to work on base DSDT-less system. ________ unrelated topic. Switched from Chameleon RC3 bootloader to Netkas 10.5 EFI bootloader. Noticed that some drives that I have, would not run the DD script properly. They were not releasing the EFI partition after copying the boot and extras stuff to it. When the partition was being made active in the script all files would vanish and the EFI partition would not be able to be eject or beunmounted. A reboot would unmount the efi partition, but it would be empty. It did this on a real mac or my second Mac drive on the x58 system. I call it a drive issue as some drives exhibited this problem and others didn't.(newer drives exhibited the issue 320-1TB, older drives greater than 2 years old work fine) I could manually install the bootloader and data on the drive via mounting it with mount hfs, but anytime the DD script would run it would erase all data. Anyone experience anything like this? My system is working, as can manually do the tasks, and will be looking into the scripts to see if can Identify what the issue is, but was curious if anyone else had seen this issue. Thanks.
  8. Great guide. Didn't notice anything in it about using the white SATA connectors. Am using them and noticed that stability is less when used. System would freeze on many disk type operations. Stripped out the Jmicron drivers and improved stability, but after-wards anytime the system sleeps or time machine launches the system freezes. Disabled those ports in bios and everything is stable. So for users battling stability problems using the white ports on a EX58-UD5, try disabling and see if system is stable. Will continue to try to find a solution to stability problem, while using the white SATA ports, really want to span across two disks using GATA smart backup to improve Apple Aperture's performance ___________________ Stats not listed in signature All bios is set to AHCI Smart backup is enabled, and one set of TB drives is set to mirror, other set of TB drives is set on span.