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  1. The 1.08 x58 did the same thing for me, however the 1.06 worked like a champ on my Alienware Aurora x58. Link to Empire EFI 1.06 x58 patched -> http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?dum2ndzluog Kyle
  2. 1) Yes, no problems updating via apple website 2) I'm not having any issues with the on board Ethernet in 64 bit mode. Kyle
  3. Issues with GeForce GT220

    Thanks for the update and work Mac, I'll post my progress when my new Alienware i7 box arrives >> Kyle
  4. Issues with GeForce GT220

    Hey Mac, was wondering if you got the 220 working for you, looking at a similar system. Thanks, Kyle
  5. Hi, Just wanted to say thanks for the guide, I was able to get my 755 with Quad Core and Nvidia 8400GS working (dual monitors) with this guide, updated to 10.62, full 64bit vanilla with exception of network card kext,a few notes. The downloadable file from rapidshare isn't available anymore, and the other one doesn't have all the files for the booloader part, at least not that I could make work, I used the Empire bootloader installer package at that point and had no problems booting after that. I had to remove evoenabler.kext from the extra's folder and use the EFI string for my graphics card instead, using OS86 tools, one thing to mention os86 tools modifiers your plist in its original directory, and if you are using one in the extra directory (like we are in this guide) you will need to copy the efi portion into it, if you are copying the whole thing, remember to put the kernel flags in the os86 one. Thanks for your help, and if anyone else needs help on this model just yell. Kyle
  6. Just wanted to say thanks, got mine working with the Version 3 drivers (tried the others first) My card is silver in color and registers as Compact Wireless-G USB Adapter: Product ID: 0x0020 Vendor ID: 0x13b1 Version: 0.01 Speed: Up to 480 Mb/sec Manufacturer: Cisco-Linksys Location ID: 0xfd600000 Current Available (mA): 500 Current Required (mA): 300 Works perfectly. Thanks! Kyle