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  1. hi people, (as usual, please excuse my poor english) I've been facing some disturbing issue for a while now, and I don't know how to solve it properly, I mean still using BT 2.4 : on my 'system' HD (MBR), OSX 10.6.3 x64 stand alongside W7 Ultimate x64 and OSX 10.5.8. there is the problem : if W7 partition is set active, BT doesn't work anymore, but I've got a fully functional sleep mode (S3, S4, hybrid) within W7 ; if I set Leo partition active (on which BT is installed, with its invisible /Darwin folder and so on), BT works very well, I can boot everything, but it breaks W7 sleep mode, resulting in a BOSD at resuming and / or no sleep at all ! I also tried to install BT into a second HD (GPT), setting it first in the boot order, but things got worse this way, since I get a new 'EFI' entry ('#p=-' being useless ...) at multiboot, and still no more working sleep mode in W7. neither Snow nor Leo get sleep issue. I know this is a well known issue among the Chameleon world, resulting in a bootloader upgrade allowing users to get multiboot although W7 is set active on the first boot HD (assuming C2 is installed on the same HD). I'm now wondering if such an issue might be fixed without having to switch from BT to C2 on my rig ... thx by advance for any suggestion.
  2. to boot a DVD with BT, you must : - put your kexts, the Extensions.mkext & mach_kernel (or another one, BTW, assuming it may need other kexts to boot ...) from the DVD you wanna boot to /Darwin/System/CD ; - boot your rig pressing the 'C' key. on my side, it works very well on both Intel C2D computers, with SL & Leo retail DVDs.
  3. I guess you should change the '3g-ntfs' entries to 'ntfs' ...
  4. hi ! if it doesn't exist ... just make it ! very simple, as iPapy says : a line for a drive, each one with the same structure (LABEL=disk name ; "none" ; filesystem ; readonly or readwrite,noauto, the last one being essential to prevent automounting at startup). for instance : LABEL= WIN7 none ntfs ro,noauto basically, you create a new textfile with textedit.app, save it to your desktop with the name "fstab" (pay attention not to give it a .txt extension) and drag & drop it to you /etc folder. good luck & tell us !
  5. exactly the same here : so, back to 2.3.18 !
  6. thx a lot ! edit: I realize I'm not able to install BT to EFI partition (on a GPT disk) from Snow Leopard, since this option is grayed out ! has anybody been able to do it, and of course, how ? maybe by playing with the files in <standalone> (especially boot0, boot1h & boot ...) ??
  7. thank you ! any chance we get the osx version too ?
  8. same issue here : where can I download BT 2.4.4, pleeeeeease ?
  9. got a strange issue with BT 2.3.18 (mac) : I installed it on my both main HDs, one into EFI hidden slice of my secondary GPT disk (kind of rescue BT), the other into OSX slice and MBR of my primary disk ; whereas the EFI one can boot anything (on the same HD or not, including XP, 7 and 10.5 / 10.6 OSX), the MBR one isn't able to launch Windows 7 (x32) sitting on the same HD, alongside XP (booting OK) and SL (booting OK too). wondering what I did wrong, actually ; maybe it has to do with 7's bootloader ? edit: well, can't boot 7 anymore, neither from GPT nor from MBR : when choosing this entry, I quickly get back to the OS selection screen ...
  10. IOATAFamily.kext KP

    by the way, my mobo is an Asrock 945GCM-S, my CPU a C2D E7300 OCed to Pi GHz, with 4 Go 800 MHz DDR2 SDRAM
  11. 32 / 64 bit

    at least IOATAFamily.kext does ...
  12. IOATAFamily.kext KP

    maybe it's "stupid" as you say, but some of us want a stable 64-bit SL nonethless ! value judgement appart, the challenge looks interesting by itslef, in my case, alongside the quest for the most retail hackOS X (so far Darwin folder with DSDT.aml, boot.plist and a few kexts to get a stable 10.5 ...) of course we could buy a real Mac, but sometimes we don't want to, sometimes we can't afford it. anyway, looking at the 10.6 PIIXATA source code might be usefull, if it's relaesed some day ...
  13. IOATAFamily.kext KP

    many of us had too, but it isn't a satisfactory solution for it doesn't allow full 64-bit support ...
  14. as the topic title says, some (many ?) users are facing an early boot KP with SL, related to IOATAFamily.kext. so far it seems that PIIXATA plugin loading results in KP just after reporting that the "Secondary PCI IDE Channel is disabled", either it's turned off from BIOS or it ain't any secondary PATA controller on the mobo. quite often, the modified kext released by netkas on is blog doesn't solve the issue, unfortunately ... I'm not sure it can help, but establishing the link in all cases might help ... or not ...