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  1. tried it.. "Wating for root device" after reboot. Had to restore a backup. Anybody experienced the same problem?
  2. regarding sleep and win7, I found this: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=236626 seems boot0hfs does the trick, also read something about this in a recent chameleon changelog. Edit: After a fresh install on a second drive and copying a lot of kexts and stuff over to my original system, sleep now works. SpeedStep still doesn't, but I don't really care. Thanks a lot, tseug.
  3. MSR shows the same - always max. frequency (although it says "Speedstop on"). And regarding my sleep problem: I just found out that I got the same on Windows7. In both systems when trying to enter sleep mode, harddisks and screens turn off but the system stays on and the only thing I can do is push the reset button. So obviously it's not OS X' fault (which doesn't help me a lot). And I upgraded.
  4. Already did that, those are correct. And yes, it used to work before with sleepenabler. But i guess, this is a problem with my new AMD graphics card, so nevermind. I just ran sysctl -a | grep cpufrequency and all of the values are 3000000000 all the time. Also used cpu-x.app to confirm. Using voodoopowermini.kext, it would go down to 1.6ghz. I just realized one entry in my logs: But it exists and I didn't touch it..
  5. Thanks a lot for the great update, but two things don't quite work out for me (Q6600, P35 DS4): - The machine immediatly wakes up again after trying to put it to sleep. No matter if I try hibernatemode 0 or 3. - SpeedStep doesn't work at all and my cpu is stuck at 3Ghz. It acutally works with VoodooPowerMini.kext, but I wantet to avoid that. Any ideas on this? GraphicsEnabler=yes was quite a bad thing for me though, using a HD6870 resultet in a not booting system. Greetings.
  6. MOmann

    10.6.2 ist da

    SleepEnabler klappt einwandfrei auf P35 DS4, habe nur leider keinen Sound mehr.
  7. I'm afraid I can't since I randomly changed and tried kexts, dsdts and configs. Don't know if it's default, but atm I use hibernatemode 0.
  8. Didn't help, but thanks though. After a lot of fiddeling around with different kexts, I got sleepmode working, but wakeup is just possible by pressing my case's power-button, not by keyboard. Still, better than nothing. Any idea about the reason?
  9. yah, I guessed so. Didn't help though. First, there were broken file permissions which I repaired by now. Retyping the command says it's succesfully loaded, but sleep still doesn't work.
  10. Well, it says No such file or directory. Why should it be located in /System/Library/Extensions/? I thought the script copies it to /Extras/Extensions?
  11. First let me thank you for this great guide which worked quite well so far on my P35-DS4, Q6600, GTS8600. Just the sleep-mode is still making problems. When I try to activate it, the computer shuts down, but I cannot wake it up again by keyboard (which seems to be a common problem) and using the power-button it behaves like i had shut it down before, so it's a clean reboot. Also the spindown for my harddisk does not seem to work. Any Ideas about that? I tried a different DSDT but still no improvement. It probably should have something to do with the SleepEnabler.kext which is definitly present. Can I assure somehow that it is loaded?