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  1. [GUIDE] Install OS X via iDeneb 1.3 onto HP Mini 110

    Added a how to fix the sleep issue in 10.5.8 article, as well as a guide on how to upgrade to 10.5.8. Added a how to on upgrading your Chameleon bootloader to v2.0.
  2. [GUIDE] Install OS X via iDeneb 1.3 onto HP Mini 110

    Added a list of compatible software updates that are safe install after you finish installing iDeneb to your Mini: http://osxhpmini.info/2009/09/20/compatibl...ftware-updates/
  3. [GUIDE] Install OS X via iDeneb 1.3 onto HP Mini 110

    Just added a few things to the guide, since I used the guide last night and found a few blurry spots...
  4. Orignal Mac Vs Osx86 mac

    Yeah, there's a big difference... OS X runs faster on Hackintoshes
  5. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Just finished installing iDeneb 1.3 onto my HP Mini 110 netbook last night. So fresh and so cleannn...
  6. [GUIDE] Install OS X via iDeneb 1.3 onto HP Mini 110

    I have also added a Mutli Boot guide as well.
  7. Hey mods/admins, I created a thread in the Tutorials forum for installing OS X onto the HP Mini 110 via iDeneb 1.3 (yes, old, but it has proven to be the most reliable way to install OSX86 onto our netbooks) Anyways, I was just curious to see if it got accepted or denied yet? I don't see it floating around in there yet, so I was just curious. Will I be notified if it has been accepted or not? Regards, Bryan
  8. Hello fellow HP/Compaq Mini 110 Users! This is a guide written by a few members over at MyHPMini.com, and I have rewritten, cleaned up, and added download links, all to make it easier and clear to understand. We choose to use iDeneb 1.3 because it is the most reliable and compatible version with our netbooks. After installation, we then combo update to 10.5.7. That and more is all covered in the guide. The guide is located here: http://osxhpmini.info/ Check it out, and leave any comments on the blog if you'd like! Enjoy.