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  1. Does manual checking in single-user mode work with 'fsck_hfs /dev/diskXsY'? It should not now report a error like with 'fsck_hfs.orig /dev/diskXsY'.
  2. Nope, nothing weird. You are running Hac in 32-bit mode, thus user-space tools are limited with 4GB of address space. Actually, this is fsck_hfs faulting on checks with RAM >4GB. And it fails only for the root partition. Just boot in single-user mode and do: # mv /sbin/fsck_hfs{,.orig} # printf '#!/bin/bash\nexec /sbin/fsck_hfs.orig -c512m "$@"' > /sbin/fsck_hfs # chmod +x /sbin/fsck_hfs # Enjoy full RAM over 4GB!