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  1. Memory Speed 10.8.5 Clover

    Hi daniesy, I have just the same problem, I have 2 x corsair 1600 MHZ but 10.8.5 is showing it as 1333MHZ.
  2. Lion work well, but?

    Hi, i'v got Lion working but I havent got audio, can someone give me or any one the same as me a clue to getting this working, the mobo is a Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3R with onboard audio, cheers, hinchho.
  3. Snowleopard was OK

    the setup is EP45-DS3R Intel quad 2.66 500gig Nvidia 7300gt
  4. Hi All, I hacked snowleopard on to my pc and all seemed fine, then one day I shut the pc down and when I started it up againit wouldn't come on, so I started up disk utilitys and check the disk for errors there was a lot of as it said "open error 5 "input/output" it said I had to Reformate the disk. Does anyone no what can be done other than format the disk, thanks hinchho.
  5. How long for SL distros?

    Hi again, can you tell me what is voodoohda, I'v not heard of that, hinchho.