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  1. Serious problem!

    Ah, thank you very much! I'll be trying again this evening, hopefully I will not have any more scares.
  2. Serious problem!

    Some help with my issue would be highly HIGHLY appreciated. Working on second hackintosh install. Had it up and running (10.5.6 via iPC) until I upgraded the gpu from on board to 9500gt 1gb. Searched forums for how to accomplish getting the card to work and saw a topic on how to use uInstaller to add an efi string. Did as instructed, rebooted. OS X loaded with correct resolution, but nothing appeared on the screen except for the dock and toolbar, neither of which were responding to clicks / interaction. Allowed time for it to load, but nothing occurred so I performed a hard shut down. Upon powering tower on, the system hangs on the motherboard screen and will nothing will load. Attempting to go to bios yields nothing, nor can I select where to boot from. The system is completely unresponsive, and I'm worried I have ruined everything. Tried swapping hdd but did not work. Currently begging for assistance via iPad. Please help!!! UPDATE: false alarm apparently!! After driving me literally crazy, it decided to begin booting again. Now to reinstall, hopefully correctly this time. I will be taking my noobyness elsewhere, thank you!
  3. Dual-monitor issue

    Hello! I seriously love this forum, and thus far have been able to come here to solve all of my problems without having to request any help. After searching for proper kext's to enable my dual-monitor display, I finally came across the correct one which allowed me to enable dual-monitors on my LG HDTV. My problem now is that I cannot disable it when I want. Powering it off results in the TV still showing up in the displays. Enabling mirroring blacks out my main monitor (minus the mouse), and puts everything on my TV, which makes general browsing quite problematic. I have two questions: is there any way of disabling my TV save from physically unplugging it? Or if I cannot accomplish this, is there any way to make the mirroring apply to my main monitor? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you very much. Edit: I am running a BFG GeForce 7900GTX with 512 VRAM.