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  1. Not sure if this is the correct topic / thread Former Apple Final Cut Pro engineer, Very interested in OpenCL and Final Cut Studio 3, Compressor specifically. I have done a bunch of tests on Compressor 3.5 / Qmaster and Leopard 10.5.8 and the new Mac Pro Nehalem's. I have tested 14 Instances (Cores) in Qmaster, Compressor 3.5 and Submitted a 40 minute DVCPRO HD clip to be batch / parallel converted to H.264 in 5 separate queues. It took only 1 hour to do a 40 minute clip, this is pretty good to output 5 separate clips. Now Snow Leopard of course has Grand Central to make this even better, and I will eventually test that. My main interest is to test OpenCL, and OpenCL specifically with Compressor/ FCP I am still wondering if Compressor 3.5 / Final Cut Pro 7 has been written to take advantage of OpenCL My MacPro is a 2006 MacPro, so I can not test it, I suppose I could do a Barefeats deal and get a Radeon ATI 4870 and test it. Or I will have to get to my colleagues new Nehalem MacPro with dual nVidia GT 120's, although it seems from Barefeats that the GT 120 is the weakest OpenCL card Very interested in developing this thread / conversation along these lines of Compressor 3.5 and Final Cut Pro 7 and OpenCL, it could be awesome stuff saving a ton of time. thanks in advance