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  1. A bit of a problem.

    I was just able to install JaS 10.5.4, works wonderfully. Updated Chameleon V1 to V2 RC4 and got it working the way I wanted. But I have a little problem. I have three HDD's, one is storage and isn't important. Disk1 with OSX installed. [HD(0,1)] Disk2 is Storage [HD(1,1), HD(1,2)] Disk3 with Ubuntu 9.04 and Windows 7 installed. My problem is that Chameleon sees Windows 7 but not Ubuntu. I'm assuming this is because of the GRUB bootloader. I'm not able to select Windows 7 in Chameleon because of the missing bootloader since I was using GRUB as the bootloader for the two. How am I able to fix it so I can tri-boot from Chameleon? Help is appreciated.
  2. Dell Wireless 365/370/410 Bluetooth

    Hmm. It looks to me like the SleepWatcher or whatever has stopped allowing it to re-run on waking from sleep. It has seemed to disappear from the /etc/bin folder or where ever it said to be put. I am running Ktext Util. I got it to rewrite itself after deleting the Extensions.mtext or whatever. Now I will be trying to fix the rc.wakeup file to get it to work again. Thanks for helping out
  3. Dell Wireless 365/370/410 Bluetooth

    Nope. No problems with the install. I guess it's because we had to BIOs hack ours to make it work. It possibly doesn't show on boot. I'm not too sure. I had it there and it's still there. Never removed the ktext but it never loaded upon boot. Oh well. I solved it by using SleepWatcher and for some reason, now it runs on boot and whenever it goes in and out of sleep. Thanks again for all the help. Thanks for porting it over.
  4. Dell Wireless 365/370/410 Bluetooth

    Did that and it didn't report anything. Or that I know of. I seen some yellow text for a second, but that was the Broadcom Wifi Card. But it went through the scrolling text and then booted into OSX. Upon boot you see it for a second in the Menu bar then it disappears. Hmmm. *edit. Did restarted it again and this time didn't show. Also I was using OynX and I cleared the Caches. Could you shed some light on how I may repair the ktext caches? + When I was deleting unneeded ktexts I seen it amoung them, but didn't touch it.
  5. Dell Wireless 365/370/410 Bluetooth

    I installed the ktext but it doesn't come on with booting. I installed Ktext and also Repaired Permissions then rebooted. Turn on, doesn't work. Still have to run the little file in terminal to make it work.
  6. Dell Wireless 365/370/410 Bluetooth

    I have a HP Mini 110 with the Dell Trumobile 370 and this works like a charm. Thanks. Only if I could get this started at boot up so that it is always shown. Thanks a lot.