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  1. any one know how to find out abt hpet, as i m using asrock 4coredual vsta motherboard. just wondering if the efi will work
  2. i installed leopard too, and lost xp and linux in first try then vista in second though i manage to install it. i use grub to manage OS's which is same as or if u boot tiger with it. what i did was as i had lost xp, so i just repaired it which got xp back then restore grub, leopard which is installed in tiger partition, so basically grub doesn't need any modification.
  3. jas 10.4.9 update

    hi guys i have updated my system from 10.4.8 to 10.4.9 with jas combo, and now system is rebooting in a loop, any one have any solution for it. please advice thanks
  4. quicktime green screen

    removing all the ATI* files works for me too
  5. hi guys when every i play an avi or wmv file, it plays but with green screen, i guessing something to do with divx codec's but i installed divx many time still the same result, is it my bcoz of my ati radeon 9250 card ? or something else? thanks
  6. if u can be more specific abt the budget may be some of us can come up with better suggestion
  7. post installation (mDNS hang)

    have any one found the fix for this problem ?
  8. 10.4.6 wont boot in vmware

    hi try using windows NT as guest OS in vmware, i had the same problem using windows NT fixed it, also use ide not scsi drive in vmware when u select
  9. strange problem

    hi guys thanks for replying, i have figured it out, so just let other know, i m using asrock 4coredual-vsta motherboard, it has a option in bios for "max cpuid value limit" which must be enabled.. thanks guys
  10. strange problem

  11. strange problem

    hi guys i m trying to install osx86 on my pc with core 2 dual e6400 and 4coredual-vsta mobo. i have two ide hdd, i have formated the partition second primary ide with id=af under linux, but when i try to install osx86 it say 'press any key to install ' and when i do it says starting darwin and reboot edit: i have radeon ati 9250se agp card edit: cannt even get to setup screen nothing at all , just plan reboot pls help thanks all
  12. 4CoreDual-VSTA

    thanks bro
  13. Bye.

    though i don't got the chance to be acquainted with u, but still it is feels bad when some one leave , bye n have fun