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  1. well im using the 9600 x4 phenom and everything works great (with the seatbelt fix) ***except for onboard audio*** im still trying to find that driver but once i do ill post the link... if i dont in 3 days reply something to remind me the only extra thing on the install was that i have to add -x every boot
  2. IPC 10.5.6 intstall on amd quadcore

    shouldnt it be in the form of mach_kernel KERNELNAME and also, which kernels do you think would be suitable?
  3. I have ipc version 10.5.6 from the bay and here are my specs first off amd 9600 quadcore 2.3ghz (not oced) 4gb of ddr2 ram asrock mobo am2+ ati 3870 512mb video card 23" acer 1920x1080 - just to show off when i try to boot with the default settings i get a restart without even getting an error message with -x i get to a problem with the mkext and a restart with cpus=1, -v, -force64, and -s (many combinations) i get a restart without even getting an error message i am thinking it is a cpu problem (and really, really, REALLY, hope it can be booted with a few flags) ... but you guys know infinite times more than me and i am up to any and all suggestions if you guys could help me get this running i think all of you know how awesome this machine will be many thanks, Brandon