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  1. Best performance please?

    i think that there aren't vmware tools for Os X ......
  2. Best performance please?

    Ok , removed applehwsensor.kext , i've noticed a little leap of performance ...... thanks **MaT**
  3. Best performance please?

    Hi all i'm new in this forum, so only a few words, i've installed Mac Osx in VmWare 5.5 and found the same problems of someguy1806. i've looked for the "AppleTPMACPI.kext" file in "/System/Library/Extensions/" folder , but there isn't ! maybe i made some mistake, i'm new with Mac OsX .... anyone has some other suggestions please? my specs are: AMD athlon64 3000 1 Gb DDR Ram 2 SATA HD (100 and 120 Gb) Ati Radeon X800GT AGP thanks in advance! ps sorry for my bad english