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  1. Speed me up, by any means available

    There was a reply to this that basically said "wipe everything, reinstall mac, and use ____ browser instead of firefox." I read the reply when I was out of town, and now I'm home it seems to have been deleted. If the original replier or anyone else can suggest a popular lightweight browser (with tabs please) I'd love to hear about it. I don't have an install disk handy, so I cant really reinstall, but I am clearing out all old preference and support files, and any apps I won't be using. I'll get rid of office and use the notepad. I'm trying to find the official office uninstaller before I go trashing things randomly.
  2. First of all, feel free to move this post, or point me to another thread or site where I might get a little more help. I've searched and read what I could find here, but I can't find exactly what I'm looking for. I have a collection of older Mac laptops, some working some not. The most complete and useful one is a titanium Powerbook G4, from late 2002 ish. It's currently running 10.4.11. It does basically work, but everything is a little slow. Even on a fresh reboot, after giving it the 5 minutes it takes for it to remember why it woke up, it takes 30 seconds between clicking Firefox in the dock and a Firefox window popping up, and a further 15-20 to be able to type in an address or hit a bookmark button. A new tab is another click and wait ordeal, to the point that I generally turn around and wash a few dishes in between. Itunes 9.0.2 is a little snappier, taking 25 seconds from clicking on the dock to giving me some music, but its still a while. I've deleted a lot of the programs I used when it was my day to day, but I left MS Office for copying and pasting stuff from the web. All I want to use it for is iTunes (mostly streaming radio stations and music from a desktop) and basic web browsing, usually news and cooking, as it's in the kitchen. Occasionally we look at a google map, but thats quite a tedious process, so it's quicker to go upstairs and use the desktop hack. I'd like to be able to use it for just those 2 tasks without the huge lag between tasks. I've read a few very old websites (2004 ish) about putting linux on a tibook, yellow dog being a popular one, and then I've read a few things here and elsewhere suggesting that osx shouldnt be any slower than linux so dont bother going through the hassle. This machine only has USB 1.1, so running linux off a stick is likely not an option. Would I have better luck using the OS it came with (10.2.8)? If I understand the wiki entries for itunes and osx, I dont believe I could stream music in to the old itunes, so that might not be an option. Any ideas, rambling, commiserations welcome.