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  1. ShiroiHusky

    Lion Install on a Vaio F series?

    Thanks intrax! I'm not too bothered about a few things like the SD card slots so i'm sure a few missing files would be ok. I noticed the USB install guide says I'll need DP2 (here) is there another guide for DP4 or can I chance at following along? -Adam
  2. Hey there, just reading around through the various Lion guides here, does anyone know if it would be possible to install lion on this setup: Sony Vaio VPCF11Z1E/BI - i7 Mobile 720 (not SB) - GeForce 330m Full Spec As the semi-recent (pre-SB) MBP models featured the same CPU and GPU, how likely would it be that Lion would install correctly on this machine? I have access to another mac through a college friend so file prep isn't an issue. Would I be limited to an early DP version or would it be best to try DP4 straight off? Thanks, Adam
  3. ShiroiHusky


    Odd, by nature the mechanism that TRIM relies on is cancelled out by the nature of RAID as far as I can tell. I know there's not been any breakthrough on the Windows side of things, even on a hardware level. And most products are designed around that market as It's the largest :s
  4. ShiroiHusky


    @apple apple: no SSDs support raid and trim together, it's one or the other.
  5. ShiroiHusky

    Custom mobo

    Sadly you won't be able to get an OEM service like that without having viable means of shipping for customers. Dell simply won't do a one-off production, you'll be dealing with thousands in bulk.
  6. ShiroiHusky

    mac mini

    Sorry to say gr4fk, but linking to the basket page on a website won't let us see what's in it. Your basket is stored on your PC in your cookie for that site, all we'll ever see is a blank page
  7. ShiroiHusky


    The central plate above the CPU is connected to the motherboard itself, I think it also connects underneath. The entire thing had to come out in one when I took my case apart. I'd start by taking out all the screws around the CPU heatsink, then that unit comes free. Take out all add-in cards and memory, then focus on all the screws holding the metal plate down and the motherboard to the standoffs, and then all wires connecting these peices to the case (power, data cables, antenna cable, etc) Motherboard should come free, allowing access to the wires underneath; you can take the standoffs out if you want, but leave them in if you intend to re-use them. The top shelf is the most annoying as you have to take out the entire latch mecahnism (except the latch handle itself) in order to remove it. See page 4 or 5 of the stickied PC in a G5 thread in this forum for a guide on doing that.
  8. ShiroiHusky

    Adam's ATX G5 Project

    Ok, scratch the last Idea, forgot the latch mechanism completely! So here's idea #2, a second tray how original... Should be quite cheap to have cut properly, and as it uses the 3 screw mounts on each side like the original tray, it has optimum support! No complex brackets or anything Just gotta make sure the PSU's protected from the 3 torx bolts on the other side, rubber strips should cover this (put one near the bolts, 2 as runners on the bottom and 1 on the near side so the PSU doesn't get scratched up. Images of the mockup tray, Bit wonky but it serves its purpose: -Excuse the finger, sticky-taped cardboard is pretty flimsy and tended to flop down. -There's one of those 3 bolts I have to watch out for, space is very tight! -Made from my Dremel's box (Yay recycling!) Comes down a bit further than usual, I might be able to raise this slightly but I have to watch out for that top case curve! The mobo will sit below that line, the rear will be a new custom panel epoxied in place and supported with alu strips like Cyprio's mod.
  9. ShiroiHusky

    Adam's ATX G5 Project

    I can't say how the brakes are just yet I'm afraid, Need to take them back off and grease them at some stage, just wanted to see how they went on. That and I'm running 2 flats
  10. ShiroiHusky

    Adam's ATX G5 Project

    Right, I know now exactly how to get a sturdy mount for my power supply, and have it mounted flush to the rear like in most normal desktops. However, this means creating a bracket. I can picture it in my head, but I have absolutely no experience in CAD software and SketchUp has its limitations for me. Here's the plan: Using the 12 bolts that run across the top, I can replace the original metal strip with one that bends down in a rectangular shape and supports the PSU from beneath, with this I can add in a floor with vent hole for the PSU, making a sort of scoop shape. Now, I noticed while I was taking the case apart, another mounting spot that wasn't being used by anything: Further forward than the bolted on support, a second arm can be added which extends out and upwards, then gets screwed into this lone mount, giving support for a heavy PSU along almost the entire length. The red blob in the top right is the approximate location of the bolts. Anyone here good with CAD and able to help? Or lend some advice on how to measure it all properly? I'd be very grateful for any assistance.
  11. ShiroiHusky

    Adam's ATX G5 Project

    Oh, zam, it's typical that just after saying I was waiting on them, my brakes turned up! 2x Odyssey Evo. II, one black one white.
  12. ShiroiHusky

    Adam's ATX G5 Project

    I just picked up a 1.5mm sheet and it looks very close to the size used for the inner casing, however it may be anything down to 1.2mm. The outer casing seems more like 3mm but I might be wrong. About the grade, I'd honestly not have a clue about that, I'm not a metalworker I'm afraid.
  13. ShiroiHusky

    Adam's ATX G5 Project

    Thanks zammykoo! I'll keep that in mind when I have to smooth the mobo tray edges. Might find somewhere that'll cut it on a big table saw or something though, it's a bit much cutting a 46x35cm panel with a dremel. This tray alone took me down half a cutting wheel!
  14. ShiroiHusky

    Adam's ATX G5 Project

    Haha, it is indeed! The '08 model F4 in fact Currently waiting on some new calipers right now though, it's not been used in a while so the brakes went a bit lackluster The bracket looks good, very well produced! But I must say I'm not a fan of having the PSU mounted at the bottom in the G5, as with a full ATX setup it'd mean having the expansion slots protrude up and over the central divider, and longer graphic cards might be a pain to get to fit in with the rear of the DVD/BD drive. I'm now looking at mounting mine similar to hsv2kk, just below the curve of the case. Here The cut... I didn't have many measuring tools on me so I just stuck down some masking tape, drew a line parallel to the edge that dips down to where the hard drives went. Cut it with the dremel and filed it down. I could've used the sanding/grinding discs with the dremel too but I'd rather get some practice on some scraps first.
  15. ShiroiHusky

    Adam's ATX G5 Project

    Quick Update... After pondering whether or not to leave the tray as it is, I broke out the tools and cut off the offending peice! Take that, tray! Not a bad cut for my first time ever using a dremel, and using a needle file to smooth the edges, imo. (I can't for the life of me find the big file I used to have!) How did I do? This is going to let me mount the PSU a lot lower. I think I'll get a custom bracket done up in SketchUp and sent off to one of the computer modding places we have here in the UK (ChilledPC if anyone's from the UK and interested, they do a great custom fabrication service). I was looking around at places in the case I could mount such a bracket, and realised that what was my worst enemy before, could now be my best friend... Those nuts on the top that hold the L shaped inner case sections together, I could replace the strip of metal there with an O shaped frame, forming the rear of a PSU bucket, with the front stuck to the top with JB weld, and extra support from the PSU itself screwed to the back. Done correctly, this could prove to be a very clean way to mount the power supply! To SketchUp I go! EDIT: Ignore the glue marks in the first pic, those are where the air baffle latch used to be, I won't be using the baffle in this project.