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    Disk Error on Hackintosh

    I did a vanilla install so OK there. But it has been quite a long time since I did the process so really hoping not to go through that again I am in the middle of shuffling around some of my video storage disks on the machine so will try this at the end of that. Many Thanks
  2. dadi_oh

    Disk Error on Hackintosh

    I have an external hard disk as a time machine so I guess I am covered if something goes wrong. Just not sure if things mess up that the traditional method of recovery from a time machine works with a Hack? That is, start the install and then point it to the time machine to get all the settings and programs back? I do use Superduper rather than CCC but maybe that is a better idea? Make a disk clone onto the external drive. And then apply the Chameleon bootloader to the external? I am just really cautious about messing up my stable Hack since this is my server for the house. Thanks
  3. I was playing in the disk utility and decided to run a verify on my main boot drive. It found errors as shown in the attachment. It wants me to boot with another machine and fix the disk. Are these errors a real issue or are they related to the "hacking" of the PC to run snow leopard? Machine is running fine so I am a bit reluctant to mess it all up by trying to fix these errors. Anyone else seen this on their Hack? disk_error.tiff
  4. dadi_oh

    Resize (expand) my OSX Partition?

    When you do a new OS X installation one of the first things it asks you is if you have a time machine disk. If you do, then it does a fresh OS installation but also restores all your settings, documents, and applications. I just wasn't sure if the specialized "settings" of a hacked OS X would get messed up in this process.
  5. dadi_oh

    Resize (expand) my OSX Partition?

    Ooooo. That would be nice. I never noticed that you can grab the corner of the partition that way. I'll give it a shot. On a related note... I do have an external drive that serves as my time machine. If this messes up and I have to reinstall from scratch does anyone know if I can start the install and then point it to my time machine to get everything back (like on a real Mac). Or do the hack mods and kext updates prevent this from working transparently like that?
  6. I have Snow Leopard installed on my Hackintosh ASUS P5Q-Pro, Q6600, 8GB, 8800GTS which is my video server for the house. When I first hacked this computer I partitioned the 500GB into 2 parts and called the second partition my "Sandbox" in case anything went wrong I would have a way to get back to where I started. Well as it turns out this thing has worked beautifully stable for over a year now and I could use my 250GB back now. So what I want to do is to delete the sandbox partition and merge that space back into my main OSX partition. I imagine there is partitioning SW available to do this but given the unique circumstances of a Hackintosh would these mess up this installation? Or am I better to use something like Superduper to make an image of the main partition onto a backup. Boot from the backup and then repartition the original OSX. Then Superduper it back? Any help greatly appreciated.
  7. Just bought a used OCZ Vertex 120GB SSD to install in my 2009 Macbook Pro 13 2.26GHz 4GB. This will replace my Momentus XT 320GB hybrid drive. Running Snow Leopard 10.6.4 I am wondering about the preparation of the SSD for installation. 1) Since it is a used drive I assume that I should zero out the drive to ensure I am starting from a completely fresh set of cells? Since OSX doesn't support trim I suppose I should at least start with a clean drive. I saw one review that showed OSX not showing the same level of degradation of a "dirty" SSD as compared to the drastic performance hit on Windows 7 (I hope this is the case). 2) Was going to use Superduper to create an image of my current drive and then write that to the SSD. Any issue with this? (I really don't want to go through a complete reinstallation of OSX and apps). 3) I read that I should disable certain features such as spotlight and sleep. Anything else to maximize the SSD experience on OSX? Any other thoughts or recommendations?
  8. Anyone know a way to monitor the graphics card temperature on a Hackintosh? I am currently using iStat Menus and it measures all 4 cores of my Q6600 and my hard drives but no GPU temp. I have searched and tried a few different utilities but none of them can measure GPU temps. My build is an ASUS P5Q-Pro motherboard with Q6600 @ 3.2GHz, 6GB RAM, 8800GTS running SL 10.6.2.
  9. dadi_oh

    Parallels 5 on Hackintosh

    It was a download of a couple hundred MB. License keys are included and/or emailed. $49 is $US but $1.00CDN = $0.99US at the moment
  10. dadi_oh

    Parallels 5 on Hackintosh

    Thanks! What a great deal. I'll check out the other things in teh bundle. Just ordered it for $49. Woot.
  11. I have been bouncing back and forth between Snow Leopard and Windows 7 on my Hackintosh (ASUS P5Q-PRO, Q6600, 4GB, GTX260) (rebooting each time... I keep 2 separate disks for SL and Win7.). I am in the process of converting my whole DVD library to images. I was using Mac the Ripper to get the DVD image and then using Handbrake to create MP4's to stream to my PS3 and Patriot Box Office. But today was an epiphany. I had a collection of DVD's that Mac the Ripper just would not handle. For those, I boot into Windows 7 and use AnyDVD and then reboot back to Snow Leopard for Handbrake. Kind of a pain... So I discovered Ripit! with a little searching and registered the program. It works great but.... it seems quite slow. Each DVD seems to be taking about 25 minutes to rip whereas AnyDVD takes about 5 to 10 minutes max. So here comes the epiphany. I downloaded and installed a trial version of Parallels 5 and installed Win7 64 bit on it. Now I have my second monitor setup as Win7 and my main monitor as Snow Leopard. Moving between them is as easy as moving your mouse from one display to the other... awesome.... Now the relevant part for this thread... I installed AnyDVD in the virtual Win7 machine and it rips DVD's with that 5 to 10 minute speed the same as in dedicated Windows boot. I am going to buy Parallels for the $79. Seems well worth it not to need to reboot back and forth. And I have yet to find a DVD that AnyDVD can't handle. They are constantly providing new updates. Well written, dead simple to use, and faaaaassssst.
  12. dadi_oh

    No Graphics after 10.6.3 update

    Hmmm... Haven't tried this on my Hack yet. My Mac Mini and Macbook Pro updated fine (major issue if it didn't work on them :-) My Hack is a ASUS P5Q-PRO running 10.6.2 with Q6600 and GTX260 graphics. Sounds like I could end up with a blank screen if I update. Most of the posts seem to be blank screens on Nvidia hardware. I think I'll wait for a guide to appear since this is my main video server and I can't afford to have it down.
  13. Yeah. That's why I asked it here. My wife actually has a "real" Mac as she calls it (a Mac Mini) but I prefer teh power of my Hackintoshes I suppose I can always ask on behalf of my wife and her "real" Mac and avoid the flak from the Soulier Than Thou crowd But hey, maybe one of my fellow Hackers is using their machine with video capture. It's nice to see Handbrake cranking away on 4 cores with 100% usage. Would be even nicer if iMovie would do the same (it only uses 2 cores worth 50% atm... better multithreading promised in future)
  14. I currently have a Hack with the following specs: ASUS P5Q-PRO Q6600 Quadcore @ 3.2GHz 4GB DDR2-800 GTX260 video WD Green 500GB main drive Hitachi deskstar 500GB Time Machine Seagate Barracuda 750GB Temp DVD drive Running Snow Leopard 10.6.2 I am currently capturing my VHS home movies with a cheapo Easycap USB video capture device that I got off eBay. There are some hacked Linux drivers available that seem to work "mostly". The issue that I am having is that about every 5 seconds of capture I get a burst of dropped frames. Also the video gets out of sync with the audio. Very annoying. You can time your watch by that interval... it is very regular like something gets in the way of the capture... but I don't see a spike in processor utilization??? I have done all the usual things of shutting down all apps except the video capture. There is TONS of free memory and the 4 cores are barely registering any work from the capture. I have tried capturing with the "quality" slider bar at both minimum and maximum quality and it makes no difference (other than the size of the resulting MOV file). I have given up trying to get this resolved and the fact that they are hacked drivers just makes me more suspicious that I may never resolve this. Sooo I am looking for recommendations on a good video capture device that would plug into my USB (I also have firewire available) that has native Mac support that will avoid this annoying issue. Personal experience with a good product would go a long way
  15. Trying to install Snow Leopard on a P5K-SE board and am stuck. I am successfully running SL 10.6.2 on two other machines but they have P5Q-PRO boards. I boot the machine using a Chameleon CD in my DVD drive and then change over to the SL install CD. Everything goes fine through the language selection but then when it gets to the point of selecting what disk to install to it does not see my SATA hard drive (which the BIOS sees fine). I suspect it is because this board does not have an AHCI option in BIOS? I downloaded the latest BIOS from ASUS but no AHCI under SATA options... only IDE. So am I stuck? No SL on P5K-SE? I would really like to get this working. This build is going to be a Christmas gift to a family that we know.