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  1. [GUIDE] Installing Lion DP4 + GM Without USB(Video)

    Been lurking for about a year now. Just wanted to log in just to say thanks for this guide. Followed it word for word and I'm now successfully upgraded to OSX 10.7 GM. On an old-ish system, using an ASUS P5Q motherboard, did a straight upgrade. Only thing that needed reinstalling was the sound, USB, Ethernet still work perfectly for me. It's a desktop, I don't bother sleeping it so i'm not too pushed about that. So thanks again.
  2. OSX Leopard 10.5.7 on Dell Studio 1735

    Quick bump. Not to be annoying, but just with a progress report. Dell Studio Hackintosh 1735 up and running. Wireless - check, with driver on CD Video - check, once you knock it into standby and back out again using FN+Esc Sound - check, although a little flaky when playing DVDs Keyboard - check. Alps touchpad. I really need serious help with this, i've tried the guides here to install FFScroll but still no joy, i've removed everything I could find related to PS2, i've tried the voodoo drivers, tried ApplePS2 kexts, and nada. So has anyone managed to get the Alps touchpad working on a hackintosh, and how? Please guys, i'm one step away from imaging this bad boy and having it set forever. Thanks.
  3. OSX Leopard 10.5.7 on Dell Studio 1735

    Thank you for the response. Yeah, i've tried all three at some point, either adding the intel ones, selecting all of them or selecting none of them. Will keep trying though.
  4. Folks, After searching this forum and it's several topics on this issue, i still couldn't get this going to save my life, so i turn to you guys for help. Dell Studio, 1735 with the Intel GMA965 chipset. Can't get the video on it going to save my life. I managed it ONCE! And i've forgotten exactly what it was that I did, or even what distro I used. (And i've tried iPC, iATKOS v7, iDeneb, and Kalyway) For everything else, i'll be happy to root around and try and get working, but without video, i'm helpless unfortunately. Installer goes through fine, everything installs, reboot, i get a blue screen for a second and then it goes blank and plays the welcome sound. After that, i'm lost. I've tried the default installer, as well as mixing different drivers and kernels, but no luck. Am i missing something? Please help, as i'm at wits end. Thanks in advance.