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  1. adin

    OS X 10.4.9 Released

    30 Day alert for Leopard? ::grin:: Yay for the update with automatic network connections--it was always rather embarrassing to have to reboot my PB every time I went to the Genius Bar and my PB went to spinny-death-land when it tried to automatically connect to the Applestore wireless network. I was starting to think it was me. :: Uggh, this means another update for saft, etc doesn't it? ::blech::
  2. adin

    What is WebKit win32

    Any recent news? I noticed that www.getswift.com is down...I'm willing to host files/contribute if need be to at least get .1 back up and available. This project is *really* useful for testing safari compat from Windows OSes.
  3. Kicked in a few dollars to get donations going...
  4. adin

    Feature Requests

    That looks great! I assume the rules are followed in order from top to bottom. Will you enable multiple rulesets/multiple conditions on a rule? (kind contains image *AND* (comment contains "adin" move to adin *OR* comment contains "jen" move to jen))
  5. adin

    Feature Requests

    I'll throw in a request for being able to define new file types, to include folders. (Basically the ability to use any finder criteria) I'd like a pref to treat folders as atomic or if their contents should be arranged. Since you mentioned itunes-like rules, I'd like "and" + "or" rules -- this could be executed in a way similar (best I've seen so far) to MoRU. (Take a look at "defining smart groups" in the help file for guidelines for creating a simple, intuitive, and powerful ruleset) I'm not affiliated with MoRU in any way, just an admirer of their GUI. And requirements are definitely an art, as a systems engineer I *know* how hard it is to define clear requirements for a project....and how frustrating it is to be a developer with a bunch of fuzzy requirements.
  6. OK, this is only tangentially related to the desktop, but Finder file open/save dialog boxes drive me absolutely *nuts*. It seems that I catch stuff that I want to trash or move while I'm in the dialogs....which means that I have to open up finder, navigate to the location in parallel, and then take care of whatever business the dialog reminded me of. WinXP dialogs can be criticized for a lot of things, but if you notice something you can take care of it within the dialog, right then and there. Default Folder X seemed like it would do the trick, but it really heads in to a different direction. I just want to add the capability to move or trash files (even if it's in the context menu) directly in the file open/save dialogs.