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  1. Don't have the link but it's on the Western Digital website. It fixes everything not being able to find the hardrive connecting the lot. They must have Apple permission. Cheers for the help Sunkid.
  2. Some bittersweet news folks. After all this effort WD have released a new firmware that fixes this problem. Good job since i still could not get it to work. Thanks to everyone who responded to me queries. Cheers.
  3. Although the file name i created is called 'bm28's Macbook.sparsebundle' the one Time Machine tries to create is called 'bm28's Macbook.tmp.sparsebundle' I hav tried even changing the name to reflect this but TM still tries to create it. I have tried everthing shown above and still have difficulty. Has anyone had this problem, if so any suggestions? Just to make sure I'm doing this right, how do you copy the plist file into the sparsebundle's image directory?
  4. Hi I'm using 10.6. (What protocol do you use (AFP, smb, nfs)?) I hate looking stupid but i dont even know what that means. I have also tried something from this website http://forums.mactalk.com.au/46/72807-time...age-10-6-a.html No matter what i have tried Time machine always tries to create a sparsebundle and then fails. Sorry, just realised you weren't referring to Snow leopard when you said op system, do you mean on my book world edition, i would have to try and find out.
  5. I was already able to to pick the folders (Download & Public) in My Book World edition. I created a sparsebundle file in Disk utility and copied it over to the download folder, naming it the same as the one created when attempting a back up. Set Time machine to back up to the Download folder where i had copied the new disk image. But I'm still getting the error 45 after Time machine tried to create it's own. I have checked and there appears to be nothing different between the one i created and the one Time machine tries to create. Totally lost.
  6. This might be a long shot but could someone give me a step by step explanation (or a more detailed one)? I'm new to using a mac and have no idea where I'm going wrong. Thanks