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  1. Use 'pmVersion=20', No KP anymore, it OK.
  2. In 10.6.4 (with 10.2.0 kernel), use X86tools to install kernel 10.4.0, done, before restart, clear extensions cache and clear system cache, KP again after reboot...
  3. Finally i update to 10.6.4 i found the way is use 10.2.0 atom-patched kernel for 10.6.3, even 10.6.4. Seems nothing about the Sleepenabler, cause i dont use it in my AOA. But i dont know the real reason about "mis-match between kernel and CPU PM". Thanks Tea, at least i boot SL again.
  4. ACER AOA150 CPU:N270 Thanks for your job. but, 10.6.2 is OK, when i tried to update to 10.6.3, got a KP. "Version mis-match between Kernel and CPU PM...." Use newest Sleepenabler and fakesmc2.5, KP... Delete Sleepenabled, still KP...