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  1. Nvidia GTX 295 support

    It is indeed wicked. I too used d_d's script, albeit with a Gigabyte GTX 295 (rev 2.0) and a GA-EX58-UD4P. The first time around, I made the (apparently quite silly) mistake of force-installing the EVGA drivers for OS X 10.5 and trying (but failing) to install netkas' graphics enabler. It turns out that netkas' enabler is already built into his PC-EFI tool. What I did was choose Chameleon 2.0 RC3 bootloader from d_d's script (this requires a DSDT file in your /Extra directory) and replaced the /boot file with PC EFI v 10.3. I then turned on the option in the /Extra/com.apple.boot.plist for GraphicsEnabler = yes. This caused boot-up to hang as it recognised a video card, but could not find drivers for it. To solve this, I edited the Info.plist in NVDANV50.kext (in /System/Library/Extensions) and added my device id 0x05eb10d0. The system now booted successfully, but showed "Display" and "Unknown" as the graphics adaptors. I finally turned off the graphics enabler and instead opted for the EFI string as meroy explained, which gave me great joy as it provided the correct information in System Profiler. Just a short while ago I updated to 10.6.1 and my computer would hang at boot up. I confirmed my suspicion (using my Macbook) that the update had modified the NVDANV50.kext file. I then switched to the alternative of using Rph4's NVGTX295.Fix.kext in my /Extra folder. This allows for a nice vanilla Snow Leopard with complete GTX 295 support. (Sorry if this was long-winded, but you might find this account of what I tried and how it went wrong useful!)
  2. Nvidia GTX 295 support

    I'm having a few issues getting my Gigabyte GTX 295 (single PCB) recognised properly under SL. I have PC EFI 10.3, which apparently has a "graphics injector" option that I'm using, as the Enabler package does not seem to want to install. Likewise with the EVGA drivers, they refused to install, but I manually installed the three packages inside the single master package. I've also added my dev-id (05eb10de) to the Info.plist in NVDANV50.kext. System Profiler recognises two video cards, one named "Display" and one named "Unknown". The unknown one correctly reports 896MB of VRAM, the display reports nothing at all. The OpenGL extension viewer only offers the Apple software renderer, making me think that drivers aren't loading correctly. Here is my kernel boot up log (I've snipped the timestamps and "localhost kernel[0]:" for brevity) that backs up this thought: *snip* Any ideas? EDIT: Solved my dilemma, explained below.