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  1. Core i5 750 single core working?!?!?!

    Check out tonymac's p55 guides and blog. I used his method and have all four cores working as well as sound, ethernet, and everything else. tonymacx86.blogspot.com
  2. Hey logical, I've got a GT 220 1gb from EVGA. You got any tips for me? The only way I am able to run it is the VESA non QE CI way. Thanks
  3. ayuda geforce gt220

    for those english speakers... he said Hello, I've bought a 1gb drr3 NVIDIA GeForce GT220, and I installed the iDeneb v1.6 on my computer successfully. The problem is that although I selected support for GT220 and driver nvdarwin 1024 did not charge me any kext at startup so I have no hardware aceleracin I would ask if I could help thank you very much