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  1. Dilemma - Over the past 6 months I've grown more and more to appreciate OS X. Up to now I've mostly used win (xp) and linux systems. Mostly due to compatibility issues I allways had xp around. As I'm working in home automation, I've also invested in an iPhone, mainly for testing purposes in the field of home automation / domotica. As a side effect, I got even more drawn to OS X. - So I decided to go for a Compaq mini-311s (1010SB type). My intention was to try and get dual booting going on this little beauty. It came with XP home loaded. I tested and ran Ubuntu Karmic on it without any problem! - So I'm not really very knowledgeable about OS X, but I do have a fair share win & linux knowledge. This was my first acquaintance with GPT versus MBR, and I guess this is what keeps me stuck at the moment. Question: - Can anyone point me to how to do an MBR install with SL on this mini-311c? If I could succeed in doing this, this would allow me to easily install another OS next to SL and multiboot... - I would very much like to build a desktop system where I will have SL running, preferably also multiboot. Also, I'd prefer to avoid to have to buy new mobo or cpu, and get more experience and learn before... What hardware from the list below would be best / easiest to get going? Since I have very few knowledge about how to determine what drivers are needed etc, I'd very much appreciate your advise: - Available hardware: Toshiba Laptop, A200 1G2, Core duo T2450 @ 2.0 Ghz, nvidia Geforce GO 7300 Sony Vaio, VGN-FZ11S, Core 2 Duo T7100 @ 1.8 Ghz , nvidia Geforce GO 8400 GT ASRock AliveNF7G, nvidia onboard, CPU AMD X2 Asus M3N78-EM, nvidia onboard, CPU AMD X4 Thanks a lot!! Erwin
  2. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests

    Hi, I have my mini-311c up and running with vanilla SL. I followed LeMaurien19's guide for this. I bought this wireless card: Dell Wireless Wlan Vostro 1000 1200 1310 1400 1500 1510 I have taped pin 20, and inserted the card in my mini. Question: As I'm still doing a lot of install testing, its difficult to have precise output. I'm fairly sure, at one point, I saw 2 wireless cards either in XP or in Linux, I don't remember exactly. Now my question: I don't see this wireless card show up in SL. How can I check this? Is there some lspci alternative? Do I need to load another bios firmware for this?? Thank you! Erwin
  3. Broadcom bcm43xx wireless driver [beta]

    Hi everybody, I'm fairly new to this all so please bear with me :-) I have succesfully installed Snow Leopard on my mini-311c. (ION Atom based netbook) I have some doubts as to what video resolution this machine can achieve. On a similar system (Acer Revo 3600) I run 1080p HD movies without a problem. (Linux Ubuntu with vdpau) I would expect this to be possible with SL too. It does not work however. How can I double check my system is using the correct nvidia drivers? Is there anything such as lspci (in linux)? Is there anything like nvidia-settings or an alternative to check settings and drivers? Thanks you! Erwin
  4. Hi, I'm also looking for an easy solution to get wireless network on my mini-311c. I have Snow Leopard installed, but no wireless yet. Is there any 'easy' usb wireless stick to be recommended? Thank you! Erwin
  5. Hi Apart from having browsed these forums for hours already :-) I have a couple of questions: My goal is to triple boot win / Snow Leopard / Linux on my Compaq mini-311c (ION Atom netbook). I run into a couple of problems: 1° First I learn that SL installs on GUID partition table, unless modified to MBR (Is there an 'easy' guide on how to do this?) 2° I learn that apparently only Windows 7 can handle GUID PT. (apart from some Win server OS) So I have followed Wayne's guide to try and do this. I did succeed in getting this running, but... 1° I am completely new to OSX, but indeed very keen on getting to know this OS better. (I have bought the vanilla SL DVD) 2° Obviously, being new to OSX, it will take some getting used to and some learning :-) 3° I have learned that Chameleon seems to be the most interesting boot loader, I have it installed from within SL. 4° In the mean time I have acquired Win7 and have set it up according to Wayne's guide, but: When something's changed to the system (e.g. I added Ubuntu 9.10, installing GRUB to the linux root partition) Chameleon will auto find this newly installed OS, but 5° Win7 won't boot anymore... When I try to repair Win7, I would first need to set the Win7 partition active. But Win7 installer throws an error telling me it cannot set a partition active while disk is GPT.... and not MBR??? So I'm stuck repairing win7 Conclusion: How can I repair Win7? What do I have to do to install extra OS'es (Linux) in order to not break Win7 / OSX? Is there an easy guide to make an MBR Snow LEO DVD or USB stick? Thank you for your help! Erwin