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    OSx86 on Xeon

    Just tried that and I got further too. I removed everything except hard disk and memory from the VMWare machine config, and in the VMWare BIOS setup (F2 on boot) I disabled the floppy drive, serial ports, and parallel port to minimize device issues. Upon starting with "-f -v" I got a TON (several pages) of "Loading HFS+ file: xxxxx" messages, then the graphics mode changed and some more stuff happened, with processing terminating with the error shown in the attached pic. Not sure if this is progress...
  2. zyzzyvas

    OSx86 on Xeon

    I have the same mobo running 2.8 GHz Xeons and have exactly the same problem in VMWare. Really, really annoying. Works fine on my P4 1.7GHz machine, though, so I have been able to play with it...