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  1. After many hours of kernel panics trying to boot into El Capitan setup on the external hard drive, I bought, under a couple of people's recommendation a new video card, GTX970, which seemed to immediately help the installation process. I ended up switching to the TonyMac clover installer and got Clover loaded via a USB stick on to a new SSD. After a bunch of trial and error, my system is working well based on @ROBASEFR's config.plist and DDST.aml. I was even able to update via Software Update from 10.11.4 to 10.11.5 in App store. I'm using a MacPro 5,1 base definition. Also, I'm using a short list of kexts based on @ROBASEFR's screenshot from post 4597: AHCIPortInjector.kext FakeSMC.kect realtekALC.kext REaltekRTL8111.kext AppleIntelE100e.kext AtherosE2200Ethernet.kext Three big problems remain, however: 1) Cannot shutdown. Fix Shutdown and Halt Enabler are checked in config.plist, but don't seem to help. Sleep works, though it takes a couple of minutes for everything to turn off. And sometimes a drive on white south bridge SATA port will not remount after sleep. 2) My OWC PCIE Mercury Accelsior E2 SSD does not mount, even though I am booting from one "external" SSD drive attached to it and the other "external" 6G SATA connected SSD is mounting on desktop as well. The board shows on the System Hardware list, but the internal drive is not visible on desktop. I can see the drive in Disk Utility and repair it, but don't see drive on desktop, nor can I mount it. It seemed to mount with 10.11.4, but disappeared after 10.11.5 update. EDIT: After consulting with OWC, repaired with Disk Warrior and all is fine now. 3) Cannot boot with software RAID created by Disk Utility in 10.9.5. This is 2 SATA drives connected to the northbridge (blue) SATA ports on mobo. I need the data so can't reformat and recreate. May have to boot in 10.9.5, copy the data off and then try recreating in 10.11.5. But if anyone has a solution as is for 10.11.5, it would be greatly appreciated. EDIT: Had to remove drives and place in external SATA RAID box and they were readable via ESATA card. Too afraid to create another RAID on UD5 SATA ports. Thanks to all for the generous help on this forum.
  2. El Capitan HD

    Sorry about that. I thought it might help you diagnose. Here's a screen shot of the kp:
  3. El Capitan HD

    That's essentially it. Just to left it says panic of kernel panic, I believe. Nothing else. Will have to boot again and take another video as I missed the far left of screen. Thanks for your help, chris1111. In case it will help, here are some screenshots of my config.plist from Clover Configurator along with my EFI directory on the Macintosh-HD with El Cap installed by your El Cap HD app:
  4. El Capitan HD

    Nothing else appears on screen except the above message
  5. El Capitan HD

    Yes, DSDT is in there. The error after the ++++++ is: panic (cpu 0 caller 0xffffff800b9 (last letter is hidden by +++++++) Yes, I have added my Mavericks DSDT to patched folder. The error on reboot after the +++++++++ is: Panic(cpu 0 caller 0xffffff800b9 (last letter after 9 is hidden by +++++ Also, earlier, you asked about BIOS changes, what do I need to change there?
  6. El Capitan HD

    When it boots, whether I hit Return or Enter, I get a bunch of pluses (+++++) on black screen and cpu kernel panic then a reboot. What should I try now? Thanks for your help.
  7. El Capitan HD

    Success in booting to Clover menu with HD, but cannot boot to OS X 10.11 setup. When I hit return on my drive, it just reboots to Clover menu screen. Do I need to change Clover options for this to work?
  8. El Capitan HD

    Will try that tomorrow. Thanks for your suggestion.
  9. El Capitan HD

    I've never gotten it past the Clover scan entries screen. Right after that, the monitor says no display port, and It just reboots my hack. I've tried boot loader with Legacy SATA and Legacy Bios. Do I have to format the external HD with ElCap on it and start over (reinstall ElCap) if I run post installer again to retry a different Clover boot loader? Also when I look at the hidden EFI partition after running post installer for boot loader, it is empty.
  10. El Capitan HD

    @chris1111, Can you be a bit more explicit about the steps for a total novice to Clover? After I install El Cap on my external hard drive attached to my MBP, I run the Post-Installer and choose the Clover boot loader for Legacy (GA-X58A-UD5) and choose 64 bits SATA choice. Then I click Install. When it's done, installing Clover Bootloader, do I reboot the external drive attached to the MBP or my actual hackintosh desktop before I run Post Installer again to add the kexts? Please excuse my ignorance, I'm just very new to Clover and having to install OS X from any drive but my boot. Thanks for your help.
  11. @ROBASEFR and @chris1111, Thanks for offering to help and your patience. I'm totally unfamiliar with Clover because I've been using Chameleon with DD's script all the way from Snow Leopard and have never needed to install from scratch except back when I started in 2011. So I'm very rusty. Anyway, I need some explicit help on what to do using chris1111's Post Installer. First off, if I want to start over with the Post Installer (because I made mistakes with previous installation), do I need to delete the EFI and EFI-Backups folders on the new El Cap installed Macintosh-HD before I rerun the Post Installer? (El Cap should have installed fine already.) 1) Which Clover V2.3K r3320 Legacy do I choose for my UD5-rev1: bios or SATA? 2) Do I need to select anything else in the boot loader choices: Other Config Clover, HSFPlus, etc? 3) After boot loader is installed, I put the SATA drive in my current hackintosh exactly where my current boot drive is (10.9.5 chameleon), correct? F13 Bios is set up to read this SATA drive first for booting. 4) My hackintosh should boot to desktop in OSX from the new Macintosh-HD drive with Clover, right? 5) Then rerun Post-Installer to install driver kexts on my hackintosh? Or can I just directly install downloaded kexts into 10.11 folder, Rob's config.plist, Rob's DSDT.aml into patched folder, and my ATI Radeon 5870 rom file into ROM folder and skip using Post-Installer for kexts? Or do I do both, first PostInstaller, then manually add files? 6) Then I need to use Clover Configurator to modify Rob's config.plist file for my particular setup, right? Basically go through every tab on left and customize for my system. Which tabs in particular should I pay attention to? Thanks again for your help.
  12. @ROBASEFR and @chris1111, Would either of you be interested in some direct 1 to 1 explicit help on getting 10.4.11 running on my hackintosh? I've installed El Cap on an external drive and run the post installer and hooked up to my hackintosh but I can't get it to boot beyond the themed start up disk screen. I'd be willing to pay for an hour or two of your time via email and Skype. I could pay with PayPal. Please message me if interested. I'd love to do this on Thursday. Paul
  13. Sorry for the delayed reply. I was out of town for awhile and got busy with other stuff. Thank you so much for writing this up and providing snapshots of your configuration. Very, very helpful. And I'm glad chris1111 posted with his easy method, too. So, would you recommend that I just use chris1111's El Capitan HD installer instead of using other cobbled together methods? I have a MBP which I've been waiting to upgrade to EC (from 10.9.5), but was waiting to do it at same time as the hackintosh. So once I upgrade my MBP to EC, I'd attach a formatted external drive to it, make sure Apple's EC installer is in my MBP's app folder, then run chris111's El Capitan HD installer on the attached external drive. After EC is installed on the external drive, now named Macintosh-HD, I'd chose the Clover Legacy bootloader and appropriate video settings for my Apple 5870. After installing Clover boot loader I put the drive in my hackintosh, boot with it, then use chris1111's Post Installer to put all the driver kexts on it. And that should be it, after some tweaking, right?
  14. Help with Upgrading to 10.11.4 from 10.9.5 I've got a great Hackintosh running Mavericks 10.9.5 with an i7-980x on a GA-EX58-UD5 with a ATI Radeon 5870. Can somebody outline the steps necessary to upgrade to El Capitan from a downloaded Apple Install OS X El Capitan app? I've done so little maintenance on my build that I've totally forgotten how I'd do it. I'm running the original hack installer script version 8.5.3 Chameleon, but could switch to Clover if that is recommended. Thanks for your help.
  15. I had similar troubles when cloning with CCC. I use the hidden extras directory Chameleon boot method with my vanilla install of 10.6.2. What I found was that a successful clone was a 2-step process: 1) clone SL drive with CCC. 2) (re-)apply extras directory patch and make partition active. Only then could I boot from the clone. I hope this helps. BTW, the developers of CCC do not support using CCC to clone hacks, so don't even think of asking for help there. My conclusion was that the changes to the invisible partition/directory extras causes CCC to make the drive unbootable. Re-applying the patch after the clone seems to fix this.