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  1. ok i followed this thread http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/Simple_Dual_Boot and set my vista partition to active and i can finally boot back to vista THANK GOD!!! but now what can i do to install a bootloader?
  2. sigh what if i dont have a windows dvd. all i have is the recovery partition.
  3. can you explain how to install a bootloader? i installed the xXx x86 disk and now i dont know how to boot into my vista partition anymore. ive tried reading on chamleon but nothing works
  4. I just installed XxX_x86 on my dell studio 13 laptop which has vista on it as well. Now it only boots directly into mac osx and im having the hardest time learning to install chameleon boot loader or anything else. Can anyone point me in the right direction? i typed commands such as this fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0 and it says fdisk permission denied. whats that mean?
  5. tvdang7

    How to install Chameleon manually (v 2 and v 1)

    im getting fdisk : dev/rdisk0 : permission denied. whats that mean?
  6. ok i just installed mac on my xps13 but i have a stupid of the question............where exactly do you put the kext files.