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  1. Acer Aspire One A150: iPC OSx86 10.5.6

    hi i used the artGUIscale but i put in a two and messed it all up and everything is big and the scale widget is CUT OFF completly! what is the command to fix the scale? and NO i am NOT a Mac OS n00b! i just dont know how i can fix the scal without this tool because the tool is messed up completly!
  2. I'm a lumberjack, I feel OK

    They do!
  3. Salami Boot Loader

    Ok the salami boot loader has support for over 9000 Operating systems! supports OSx86 and it has a low level graphics system so low it goes like this Salami Bootloader V1.0 1. iPC 2. Ubuntu 9.10 3. Windows 7 4. Setup Salami 5. FOOD Salamiboot: 1 will this be good? EDIT: OMG THE FIRST SCREENSHOT! salami1.bmp
  4. Avernum 6 on virtualized OS X?

    It would be a bad idea it would run REALLY slow! just install it on a real hackintosh or just wait for the windows version!
  5. powermac g4 - what should I do with it

    Well you can use it as a good server! just remember it wont run the best server tech for mac! but it will do just fine!
  6. ok what happed was he/she kicked me because i made a n00b mistake! but i dont want a flame war! and the second person that said somthing was before i pmed kiko! BEFORE!
  7. ok wtf? someone by the name of kiko banned me off this irc! and i am probably banned of this forum for good because i posted this! and i am htfkid2000! so I AM PROBBLY going to get banned by the same person on this forum! :censored2: :censored2: