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  1. @Husaber can you offer some assistance with the DSDT patching? I've never done it before and currently everything is running fine (sound, video, etc;) but I get sleep issues (close lid, etc) Hackintosh 'dies' after being left alone for over 20 minutes (black screen machine on, assuming goes to sleep or something similar which causes a KP). I've downloaded DSDT editor, and your DSDT sleep patch / zip. But when I Extract DSDT > Open Patch (select sleep .aml) it shows gibberish (so I haven't applied it). Where do I go from here? Its *almost* stable...
  2. Quick update, I ended up re-installing the OS as I was unable to boot, after resintall I re-applied the Chameleon bootloader and all seems well, now the Voodoo Audio works from the previous setup (I didn't format the drive the 2nd time around, it just re-installed over the old, initial). Anyway, right now seems to work, haven't tested sleep or anything apart from graphics / sound. Setting up custom WIFI adapter (MiniPCI-E Wireless Lan 802.11N Adapter) Does the 'extra' zip include all the updates? Or do I have to individually update the DSDT sleep fix? etc; Also how did you get the built in ethernet working? Doesn't work ootb Thanks! Appreciate all the helpful input
  3. Haha, thanks for the patient hand-holding I got it working, it booted, I applied Chameleon, copied Extra, etc; tested rebooting... all worked. Then I ran the VoodooAudio pkg and now it doesn't boot.. I get a white cursor in the top left corner, and nothing else.. trying to undo that now (if it goes on for longer, I will just reformat the machine and re-try as I currently can't boot into Lion following the Voodo Audio pkg install)
  4. Well I tried that, and did the following (connected HDD back to my macmini): Using Finder went to /System/Library/Extensions/ rm -R AppleHDA.kext rm -R AppleGraphicsControl.kext/Contents/Plugins/ApplePolicyControl.kext Plugged in USB HDD to T61 Still seen the /var/db/BootCache.playlist error upon boot, but it made it to the installer Passed the previous Kernel Panic spot, but got greeted with a "can't install on this computer" message in the installer following the language selection. *sigh*
  5. I seem to be getting a Kernel Panic when trying to install Running a T61 7661, 2GM ram, T7300 C2D. My only thought is that its the /var/db/BootCache.playlist error
  6. I'm attempting this guide with a T61 7661 model, and getting kernel panic's unless I boot in safe mode (-x via the bootloader). Will post some more details later. Not sure if there is enough difference in specs from your model and my 7661.
  7. Jakex

    ATI X700 Kext for Leopard

    I've installed all the kext, and when I try to change resolution, I get a white screen fade, it just goes from current screen to fade. My resolution is 1440x900. Acer 9500 X700
  8. Jakex

    acer aspire 9502wsmi

    I'm not sure how this thread de-generated into a "hate the french guy" thread, but he clearly said "please guys" not '{censored}' as he is english as a 2nd (3rd etc) language speaker. Anyways.. I have an Aspire 9500 model (exact as the french poster actually - 9502wmi) and I had some success, but overall not nearly enough success to stick with Mac OsX on it. I documented it on my blog if anyone wants to view the outcome: http://blog.biernacki.ca/2009/09/attempt-a...er-aspire-9500/ But here is a basic copy & paste of components and compatibility: Hope this helps someone, I was turned off by lack of ATI X700 support and my keyboard/trackpad not working + wireless being very iffy and unable to support WPA2