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  1. Any chance that there are i7-950 owners that have already modified nullspot's DSDT to work with this board and wouldn't mind sharing? Or just someone who wouldn't mind helping out? I feel horribly intimidated by editing it myself...
  2. Hi all, I own a MacBook Pro and I'm planning to use the Kakewalk method to build a Hackintosh. I am wondering if I can simply restore my current Time Machine backup of the MBP onto the new Hackintosh?
  3. SOLD

    Price lowered. Bump.
  4. I used to play those Popcap games on my Macbook, and recently I noticed the release of the sequel of Zuma, "Zuma's Revenge," and wanted to try it out on my newly built Hackintosh. I downloaded the demo, but when I'm trying to run the application this error message comes up: "Please contact customer service. (nohwid)" So I went ahead and contacted Popcap, and got this email response: "Hello, Thank you for contacting PopCap Games Customer Support. Unfortunately, it seems the “nohwid” error indicates that your system has been modified from that of a standard Mac to the extent that it is no longer a supported system for our games. We regret that we will not be able to advise you on how to run Zuma’s Revenge due to this issue." So here I am seeking help from the good people on Insanelymac: Is there a way around this?
  5. Wow, that kext is exactly what I needed... Time Machine backs up beautifully after installing it! Thanks for all your input, good sirs!
  6. Hey, I did try hitting Back Up Now but still nothing would happen except having another countdown. And of course I can't help you out with the restore yet. Thanks for chiming in though!
  7. Hey guys, I just got my Hackintosh to work almost 100% under Chameleon 2.0 RC3. I have updated successfully into 10.6.1. Just when I thought I'd start using Time Machine, it doesn't backup. It would countdown as if it's preparing to do the first full system backup but when the countdown is finished, nothing happens. It will tell you when the next time of backup will be, but when that time comes still nothing happens. Has anyone meet similar issues?