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    Triple monitors with ATI Radion 5000, 5xxx

    Thanks for the instructions demonfox13x. I just got three Dell 2209WAs on the Diamond 5770 running on my first try. Has anyone encountered a problem with the displayport connection going to sleep after a couple of minutes? After using hot corner to put displays to sleep and wake, the displayport connection comes back. Have not had any problems with the two DVI ports. Downloaded a couple of three monitor wallpapers from http://www.triplemonitorbackgrounds.com/ and am really loving the 3x displays.
  2. Just finished my SL install following the instructions. My system is up and running except I am having a problem booting directly from the internal HD. I can boot up no problem with the USB drive plugged into one of the USB ports in back and then selecting the internal SL drive. When booting directly from the internal SL HD, I select the system drive from the Chameleon menu and the system starts to boot. But the grey Apple menu shows a weird apple logo and then I get the grey screen of death that comes down from the top of the screen - says I have to restart the computer. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Everything worked the first time booting from the USB drive: Q9400 Kingston HyperX 8GB (4x2GB) EVGA 9800GTX+ (no configuring to drive two Dell 2209WAs) Linksys WMP54GS (instantly recognized during SL install) Samsung DVD 300GB Veloceraptor 1TB Carviar Black x2 (set-up as RAID 1) Logitech Novi USB wireless keyboard (works waking system from Sleep Mode) Intuos4 tablet pen and mouse