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  1. Airport-like app for Ralink 2870

    from what i read you guys are saying that wireless utility is necessary to be run. on my mac it loads at startup but after that i can quit it without any issues. im not sure why?? ofcourse it would be great if it had an airport like utility by default but still atleast its good to get it out of the way by quitting but still maintaining connection. i download the 2.0 version and recently 2.0.1 and i saw that with these latest two versions wireless tuility takes up alot of resources while its running. anybody esle seen that?
  2. Airport-like app for Ralink 2870

    Hi, i ve read throguh the thread but unfortunately am not as expert at these things as you guys obviously are and am a bit lost. i am using a linksys wusb600n with my leopard install (now snow leopard) and have the ralink utility installed as per instructions in anohter forum and everything works fine. i ofcourse also hate that icon, and that program, as it is constantly giving me the beachball. i am trying to follow the instructions in the very first post, but as i read throguh the thread, there are mentioned new versions being posted, people doing things their own way, making small changes to program or kind of isntallation, etc etc, and at the end of the posts im very very confused. can someone please give a step by step guide with links to the current versions of the various programs (i did not understand if the installed and the manual install pref pane BOTH have to be installed, or if one of them has to be isntalled for example), and exactly waht works and waht doesnt. i would really appreciate it as i ahte that hideous clunky program.