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  1. cheers for this, It just confirmed what i suspected, got a load of green ticks 1 smiley face and 1 sad face which is for my graphics card, so no osx on this laptop. Raz
  2. In windows vista or 7 download easy bcd use that to correct the boot loader, also i had success with ipc osx86 final. i used it on a inspiron 6400 and my amd pc. i found that it was easier to set up for some reason, it had a better selection to customize. hope it helps Raz
  3. Some really kewl iPhonekillers!

    Only thing that dissapoints me is the limited choice of coffee blends, 4 is not enough, Raz
  4. install on hp dv8000

    Hi, sorry cant see your pic, some thing about your server being over used? Raz
  5. can you remember the choices you made in customization and list them, How are you testing this as, as far as i am aware you need the partition for the install as this is not a live cd so the only way is to create the partition and install, you only need a small partition say 10-15 gig, Raz
  6. install on hp dv8000

    Hi, look in OSX wiki(at the top of the page) it should give you an idea of what your laptop will be able to run and what you will need to do. As a guide i used the IPC 10.5.6 final, it seems to be the most flexible (to me any way) i have installed on a intel based laptop and on my AMD PC Raz
  7. What Version needed please help me

    hi, you should not need to modify the dvd, you may need to download after if say you cant get audio to work, start by only using basic drivers/kexts, the minimum that you require to get an install going, if that works then you can add others, you may find that you will have to reinstall a few times until you get it right. Check with your mobo manufacturer for chipsets, lan and audio etc. try;chipset applenforceata. audio dont install, ethernet NforceLAn driver. video NVdarwin xxxmb, kernel 9.5.0. if you have a ps2 keyboard install that plus DSDTpatch, those are just basics you need to try and figure out what else from osx wiki Raz
  8. What Version needed please help me

    Hi, I used IPC 10.5.6 kernel: 9.5.0, video: NVdarwin(choose mb), chipset: not sure(yourlink is in Chinese) if its an intel then ichx or try applenforce. Audio none, ethernet what is your card?, usb drivers, patched, fixes and patches: seatbelt.kext 10.5.5 ps2 device(if needed), Patch DSDT, try applesmbios-27 rev3 imac, You really need to go through the OSX wiki though and match up your hard ware, Hope i have helped Raz
  9. Try Easybcd. In windows download and install easybcd Open the program in the appropriate box select mac, name it (you choose) in the next drop down box select generic osx86, click load and save. reboot and you should be good to go. Raz
  10. Windows 7 + Leopard OS X - Boot failure

    Hi, command line repair is always best just do it word for word and in the correct case. dont forget to use easy bcd in windows to create boot for OSX if chameleon doesn't work. Raz
  11. Windows 7 + Leopard OS X - Boot failure

    Hi, can you get into anything. if not i would try the windows repair again, make sure you use the command line repair and use the wording exactly as it is in that link. Reloading osx wont help. Do you have an actual windows 7 disk or is it a backup disc that you got with laptop. Raz
  12. What is the Best OSx86 Laptop

    hi, How do you mean cant get it to dual boot? As to the first poster dell inspiron is good or seen a lot of posts about using acer 6920, however it seems certain sony vaio work well Raz
  13. asrock alivenf7-hd

    Hi for lan try nForcelan driver and audio you want the legacy AppleHDA ALC888(not sure which one address 0 or 1) Raz
  14. Do you know what ethernet card you have? Raz