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  1. GeForce G94 chip with 128-bit

    Well the reason I gave up trying to install iPC on my computer is because I had video issues. The whole system seem to work but I bearly seen anything because the screen was flashing blue. I have a Galaxy card which is labeld as "GeForce 9600GSO", 512MB V-RAM. At last I noticed with GPU-Z that unlike any other 9600GSO I saw on the internet (that worked with OSx86) - my card had only 128-bit bus width - when to ohters that worked had 192-bit. After all I read and all of my efforts - this is the only explanation I could find why it doesn't work, because of the Bus Width. Galaxy is probably one of the worst manufeturers on the market and sold me a this 128-bit combination card instead of 192. So, is there any way to get this weird G94 chipped Geforce 9600GSO with 128-bit bus width to work properly with OSX86? or should I give up completely? Thanks! P.S. Neither GFX String (UInstaller and OSx86Tools, I tryied both custom and simillar cards), Nvinject, GeForce 9000 Series Drivers - none of those worked.
  2. Voodoo 9.5.0 on Intel?

    It seems like my PC just refuses to run OSX86 without a patched kernel. So, it's most probably a really dumm question, but im reinstalling my hackintosh and I wanted to know - Does Voodoo 9.5.0 Kernel works for intel hardware as well? Im asking because iPC distro says specificlly on this one that I should install it only if I have an AMD (I don't) or SSE2 only (I have SSE3 as well). thanks.
  3. Geforce 9600 GSO (512mb ddr3) (G94) Working

    One more thing, is it possible that this problem is caused because I chose the wrong (or didn't really choose any) chipset for my machine in the customization menu? By the way i've got a Intel DG41TY (ICH7), and right now im using the iPC 10.5.6 distro. I would have done a test myself, though im kindda short on time these days. Thanks.
  4. Geforce 9600 GSO (512mb ddr3) (G94) Working

    First off thanks for the replys Well, I have also tried the VGA/DVI option though sadly I the screen turned black after that and of course I had to reinstall. And the 8800GS EFI is giving me the exact same problem as the custom string And by the way man, UInstaller also gave the same problem, as much as I remember. Is it a dead end? Is the only solution switching a card? Thanks.
  5. Geforce 9600 GSO (512mb ddr3) (G94) Working

    Hey mates. I have a 9600GSO 512MB too, only it's Galaxy branded. I am trying to make it fully work for a week or so, but I allways get the same problem. I managed to make the System Profiler completely and fully recognise my card, with a Custom EFI string (nVidia GeForce 9600GSO > 512MB -DVI/DVI or DVI/VGA) in OSx86Tools. BUT there's a major problem - the screen is flashing blue ALL THE TIME, and I really hardly seeing anything going on the screen. It looks something like this (only im now using iPC Distro). Any ideas? thanks.
  6. Got HACKINTOSH up and running!

    The problem on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=so8ilmeFu2s XD
  7. I finally succeeded to get hackintosh up and running using a XxXOSX86 Distro. from a friend of mine! The only problem is - even though it is working quite perfect - the screen flashes bright blue all the time. Specs: I just got a new GeForce 9600, I have Intel Core 2 Quad 2.3 Ghz, 3 GB RAM, Some Intel G41 chipset. Customization tips welcomed :censored2: Thanks!
  8. Disk Utillity iAtkos v7

    Im bumping it because the problem have changed a bit... Need some help here. Thanks
  9. Disk Utillity iAtkos v7

    I've splitted my SATA HD into 2 partition, one Logical - and a 20GB empty Primary partition. I set the partition to FAT32 in PartitionMagic and than tried to erase it with Disk Utillity. At the begining the Disk Utillity mentioned the partition file system is "FAT32 (DOS)" or something like that, than I tried to erase it to Mac OS Extended and it failed to erase, and suddenly the partition file system became "Windows_FAT_32", and no option in the utillity worked. (I've set the partition im trying to install it on to Active by the way.) What should I do? Thank you very much Ben
  10. Booting Problem iATKOS v7

    Hello everyone! Im new here, nice place! Im also new to Mac osx86. So I tried to install iATKOS v7 on my PC: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.44 ghZ Processor Intel G41 Chipset (Graphic Accelerator, no video card) Realtek HD Output Soundcard 3.0 GB RAM On one of my hard drive (doesn't contain my XP) which I made a partition with 20GB free space in. I booted from the DVD, erased it to Mac OS Extended and I chose a few things that seemed right for me in the CUSTOMIZE (And im new to this... so it doesn't really mean anything ) with Chameleon 2.0 and when it tried to boot from this hard drive it wrote some kind of error like "boot0: loading - boot0: error". Than I tried to install it again with Chameleon 1 and some different costumize settings, but now all I get when I try to load is "boot: error". Any idea what should I try? Or how sould I setup the customization? Thanks so much in advance!