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  1. Hey guys, I just got kalyway burned to a disk and everything. I was wondering if someone could go through the steps or post a link to the thread which shows you how to install, or if anyone has a HP DV9500T laptop wanna show me how they did it would be great! I did try a search and managed to find a guide on how to install it on a hp laptop but it was in french. Better yet, can someone try to find me a guide for my laptop? I tries using the search, but again I could not find anything. Thanks!
  2. well now i am going to be hooked directly to the modem and router, will my internet work now?
  3. where can i find the vendor id and device id? i cant seem to find anywhere also the dell cards are only used with dell laptops and i think it is plugged internally which i have no knowledge of, is there another option that i can use from linksys dlink or any other brand?
  4. dlink card work? if not please list a wireless card or usb adapter capable of running internet on mac, no use in using without the internet! cheers
  5. Hey guys I am using a dv8000t is anyone using that with mac enabled? well my internet wireless card is Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network w/Bluetooth does that work for JaS 1047? Also what about my graphics card? its a nvidia geforce go 7600 256 mem. If these dont work can someone please show me a fix or a workaround for this? Maybe if the intel doesnt work then what about a dlink DWL G650M card? Thanks a million!
  6. guess not, guess im quitting then, no use for mac with no internet
  7. Well I have a DWL G650M Dlink card will that work? I need to know soon because if my external doesnt work as well im quitting mac hehe thanks for the help ram.
  8. Hey can someone help me get it working? my card doesnt work and what good is a mac without network? Thanks a bunch alex
  9. I got it Working!

    Hey guys I am using a Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network w/Bluetooth and it does not work! How do i get it working so that i may have internet on my mac? Thanks a million Alex
  10. what about sata and pata? is it okay?
  11. From reading that thread about dual core and duo core i dont quite understand since i am using centrino duo, will it work? If not how do you disable one processor. And also i Have heard from a friend that sata has issues when installing, is this true? Just wanted to make sure before i install.
  12. Hey there guys, Ive heard from a friend that having a sata hard drive will not work, but that we need pata I dont know if this is true but I would defintely want to find out as i do not want to ruin a 3000 laptop in one night , and also after reading some threads, I still do not understand this whole deal about dual core and duo core because my laptop is centrino duo core and once again ruining a pricey laptop would be a damn shame , so any help would be great! Try to show me how to install on one processor only if you know how to Cheers! Oh I am using the HP dv8000t sata centrino duo 2.16 2gigs of ram nvidia 7600 256 shared 240 hd space THANKS A MILLION! tianh