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  1. Thank you very much hadcla, you were right and it's working!! Though I don't understand why I have to enable iGPU and make it the main graphic processor even if I will not use it … If I understand well, it's not the case for all graphic cards. Do you think that issue is the reason why you can't boot on Windows? (hope not because I intend to install a Windows disk in my computer just like you) Maybe it's something that will change with a future BIOS update Thanks again for your help
  2. Hi, I have a big problem trying to install an EVGA Geforce GTX 770 graphic card in the computer I built using the QUO motherboard. It worked at first when I did use the F2N BIOS with the Chameleon boot loader. Mac OS 10.8.5 System Report didn't recognise the card but was showing the right chipset (GK104). Then I updated the motherboard BIOS, first to F3A with boot loader then to H3A 816M without boot loader (did a 10.8.5 clean install each time and always removed the card while flashing the BIOS and installing the system). In These two configurations, my computer freeze on the QUO welcome screen at startup and I'm unable to even enter the BIOS. I did some internet search and could see it was something that happened to a few people using the Geforce GTX 770 or 780 on some motherboards and that EVGA could help some of them with a new release of the graphic card BIOS. I contacted them and could get that BIOS and have my card flashed by a friend. Unfortunately that didn't change anything for me: I still have that freeze at startup when the card is installed. I'm wondering if someone here got that same problem and could solve it or if a new release of the H3A BIOS is planned with that issue on mind (strange that the old BIOS from QUO was fine with the card and not the next one nor the H3A). Any help welcome, cheers to all