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  1. pkdesign

    Advice on AMD cards

    I have the same issue with a brand new RX 570.
  2. Yup, I just installed 4769 and it broke my booting. Had to revert back to 4741. Something is wrong with latest version and legacy BIOS booting.
  3. What version of Clover bricked your rig? I currently run 4741 and everything is working smoothly. Was about to update to 4769. Just boot from a thumb drive with a usable Clover. Then just reinstall to your EFI partition whatever version of Clover worked for you before. I always have a thumb drive with a working Clover in case I mess something up with my set-up.
  4. I added those lines into my DSDT but IOReg still shows en0 as Built In - False.
  5. Hmm, how did you fix with DSDT edit?
  6. Nope, running like a charm after I figured out my Message issue (it was Clover)
  7. Wow. What A run. I love my GA-EX58 mobo. Rock solid for the last nine years and counting. A real champion through many upgrades and OSes. Good luck foraging_ferret! Give us the specs of your new system, maybe in a new forum? I hope I don’t need it but it would be nice to know.
  8. pkdesign

    iMessage won‘t activate with Clover >4428

    You have no idea just how happy i am right now. Even though I did spend all day Monday trying to figure this out. IT WORKS! I went back to all my original settings except I added the LAN key and ow IOReg does indeed see the LAN adapter as BuiltIn. I'm guessing Apple got a little particular with this last update that made my previous setting not work. I can't seem to sign into iTunes now but one problem at a time! It may clear itself up. Everything else works. THANK YOU!
  9. pkdesign

    iMessage won‘t activate with Clover >4428

    Hmm, not sure what you mean or are asking. I bought the card in October 2016 when my onboard Ethernet died. It has been working flawlessly ever since with no extra kext or injection. Hence OOB. The OS just recognizes the card as a Marvell Yukon Gigabit Adapter 88E8053 and uses AppleYukon2.kext to load. Since it always worked, I was never aware of any issues (such as having to inject like ApexDE has found) or needing to look at the IOReg. I'll report back when my iMessage Security Token expires and new iMessage Activation is needed, but i guess it will be working again from now on.  Where did you insert that key?
  10. pkdesign

    iMessage won‘t activate with Clover >4428

    Yes, I use an OOB card that the system recognizes using AppleYukon2.kext. Like I said hasn’t been an issue for many years. I checked IOReg and it does show as not built in (won't let me attach screen shot.) I'm afraid to money around with my config again as I'm afraid I will get blocked. But I may try to go back to my original config as the new one has screwed up a lot of apps, etc.
  11. pkdesign

    iMessage won‘t activate with Clover >4428

    UGH!! Right about June 6 my Messages/Facetime, which have been working for many years, just stopped working. It wouldn’t activate. I spent at least eight hours on Monday trying to figure out why. I deleted pref files, even changed my rock solid config file with new serial number, board serial, ROM, MLB, etc. I even called Apple which I know was a stupid idea. So others are having this same issue? I tried to go back to version 4497 but it didn't work. I think I've screwed something up with Apple activation servers now.
  12. Same here. Updated to 10.13.4 with no issue. Had to update Nvidia and CUDA driver.
  13. pkdesign

    Clover General discussion

    Does this mean I should change this info in my config.plist to match the above?
  14. pkdesign

    Clover General discussion

    Oh okay, that is how I check speedsteps. I miss DPCIManager's ability to show you speedsteps. Anyone going to fix that?
  15. pkdesign

    Clover General discussion

    What is the purpose of -nehalem_error_disable? All I have found is that it disables AppleTyMCEDriver. Is that correct and why would I want to do that? How are you measuring/viweing your speedsteps?