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  1. pkdesign

    Clover General discussion

    I did have the custom paths in originally (see config file in original post and screenshot below) It still did not show up as I expected. BTW, it boots just fine with paths and show the options as in my above capture. It just doesn't show customized titles.
  2. pkdesign

    Clover General discussion

    It would seem so. This seems to be a simple issue. The custom title doesn't show up correctly andin the right order.
  3. pkdesign

    Clover General discussion

    I simplified my config based on tluck: This still results in the same boot screen. I think my point is being missed. The two options are exactly what I want. It always selects macOS as the default boot and only these two option appear. The problem is they don’t (cosmetically) appear the way I expect them to. I assume that the "FullTitle" keys would make the boot options have that title. The macOS boot would show up as "Mojave" and the Windows boot would show up as "Windows 10 Pro" since that is what I have them labeled as in the config. Also that they would appear in the order I had them in (Mojave first, then Windows 10 Pro.) Am I mistaken? This is purely cosmetic as both option boot just fine.
  4. pkdesign

    Clover General discussion

    That did absolutely nothing. Boot screen still looks the same. The issue is not that it doesn’t pick the correct volume, it is that they do not have the labels set in the config.
  5. Ah. I always understood the USB patches in Clover were temporary. It actives all ports so you can create a custom SSDT or USBPorts.kext. Enabling all ports was a bad thing I thought. So the SSDT-6-A M L is only activating USB ports, correct? Nothing else? I will have to try and not have my customized USBPorts.kext installed. Do I have to record my screen to see these warnings? Is there a log I can look at after the fact?
  6. Wow this look promising! I see that you are still using iMacPro SMBios. I assume that is why AptioFix fix is working for you. My real interest here is the USB ports all working without any kexts. That's incredible. I have the Wifi version of this board. I assume that the DSDT will not work exactly for my board? I would LOVE to have all the USB ports working correctly. What is the SSDT being used for?
  7. Argh! I selected Internal Graphics>Enabled but it didn't stick. It went back to "Auto." I went back into setup and selected it again and it now works again. Doh!
  8. I update my BIOS to 10 last night and I have noticed a few things. 1) I no longer have the ability to set video DVMT: • Chipset → DVMT Pre-Allocated • Chipset → DVMT Total Gfx Mem 2) I use to be able to see both graphic cards (IGPU and RX570) but now I can only see one. VideoProc tells me I have no acceleration and the IGPU is not listed in System Profiler either. Hackintool use to show correct frame buffer, and now it doesn’t. VDA decode doesn’t work. WTF? Anyone have any similar issues?
  9. pkdesign

    Clover General discussion

    Yup. It has never worked for me. The only thing that I can use is the free2000 version.
  10. pkdesign

    Clover General discussion

    What SMBios are you using?
  11. pkdesign

    Clover General discussion

    Not true. I have tested every version and flavor of *memoryfix along with every conceivable slide calculation. The ONLY thing that works is the free2000 version for my Gigabyte Z390 board.
  12. Oh! I see. Still not stellar like you guys. Are you guys overclocking?
  13. Holy moly! How are you guys getting those scores? Is it just the video card? My specs are about the same but I get 37964 mutli-cire score. What am doing wrong?! Is that just the difference using an iMacPro1,1 SMBios?
  14. Oh no! I'm not messing with that!
  15. apianti has freaked us out with his post. I understand his concerns, especially since he wrote the driver, but free2000 is working 100% for me with no apparent errors. I have a RX570 in my hack. I really want to keep my 19,1 set up since that is what the specs of my hack is closest too. I'd like to understand the benefit of unlocking CFG Lock. Not even sure where to unlock. Is that a BIOS setting? Currently this is what I have: 0:100 0:000 MSR 0x35 80010 0:100 0:000 TSC/CCC Information Leaf: 0:100 0:000 numerator : 300 0:100 0:000 denominator : 2 0:100 0:000 Calibrated ARTFrequency: 24011218 0:100 0:000 MSR 0xE2 before patch 1E008000 0:100 0:000 MSR 0xE2 is locked, PM patches will be turned on 0:100 0:000 MSR 0xCE 08080838_F1012400 Looks locked to me.