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  1. Petition for MAC OSX to be released on PCs

    i fail to see why steve jobs is an "{censored}" for protecting his business. if you were in his position, you'd most likely do the same.
  2. What app are you missing?

    the only thing keeping me from switching from windows to os x is the lack of autodesk programs. i need them for school... which is lame. all i really need is architectural desktop 2007, 3ds max 8 and maybe revit building... but NOOOOOOOOOO linux has maya, so there's hope i suppose
  3. interesting point... but most of these "reg edit peeps" built their own box, meaning parts from all over which may or may not be 100% compatible. the "moms and pops" usually buy a box from a major vendor, such as dell or hp, and their boxes are designed to be 100% compatible with everything in the tower. also, the "reg edit" guys can usually solve their (self-induced?) crashes fairly quickly, whereas the "moms and pops" have a panic attack everytime windows tells them some arbitrary or useless message. and in my experience, the more average users are more susceptable to viruses and spyware, just because they (usually) blindly click on whatever pop-up may occur through normal browser usage
  4. The price of an Apple

    apple's outlandish designs and sexy minimalism are what garner the high price tag. not that the engineering put forth warrant's such a cost, but apple knows what people want in a consumer electronic, and know they'll pay for it (whatever the cost may be). also, CSMat hit the mark there with his comment. every movie and tv show i see (that ha a shot of a computer) shows a brand new mac. take inside man for example, with the very sexy 30-inch monitor behind the equally sexy jodie foster
  5. "MacOSX_10.4.4DVDPATCHED_Myz.iso" Will run here?

    just wondering, but if you already have the dvd and the hardware, why not just try to install/run and see what happens?
  6. this guy really dosent like macs

    that's pretty old, but still funny
  7. Early leak of Leopard?

    yes your "order of leaks" is a little off it goes: topsites->usenet/private torrent sites->public torrent sites->limewire, kazaa etc saw APPLE.MAC.OSX.LEOPARD.V10.5.WWDC.PREVIEW-BETAOSX floating around, but honestly it's not really worth the download and upgrade
  8. BugsBunny, it's not that his card is a "bad" one, it's just that it's currently unsupported on intel-based macs my advice to you tianh is to wait for someone to put together a driver for your card, or go buy a compatible card (check the wiki pages for compatible hardware: OSx86 Wiki)
  9. Considering building a 'Mac'

    hahaha, nice touch i know for sure some come with the video ipods, you could just ask your local apple store if they have any stickers as well
  10. Considering building a 'Mac'

    yes, the mobo takes 240-pin ddr2 400
  11. Considering building a 'Mac'

    actually it was very easy to find out what kind of ram the board uses, it says right on the mobo page: Offer: Asrock 775 Dual 915GL Motherboard - Intel 915GL, 800MHz FSB, Dual 2xDDR400, ASRock A.G.I.8X, A.G.I. Ex, SATA, 10/100 LAN, USB2.0, 8Ch Audio, mATX but other than that, good system although i would go for 2gb of ram, but maybe that's just me
  12. Welcome to the SigmaTel 9200 Driver Initiative!

    so how is the driver coming along? i poked around on the apple dev site, and read the manual about making audio drivers, but i don't have any time to try my hand at making one (as i leave for college in a week). i greatly appreciate what you're doing, as sound support is the only thing i really need (besides a working wi-fi connection, but i'd honestly rather have sound first )