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  1. I bought a Wintel W8, it looks alike CX-W8 but W8 is dual boot of android and Windows. I found the new W8 uses 64bit bios on Android boot, I can boot Clover on W8 without mod. 1. Insert Clover USB stick to W8. 2. Boot Android once. 3. Reboot W8 and hit ESC key until bios setting is shown. 4. Move to SAVE & EXIT, and select USB stick at Boot Override. I can not boot installer now. Clover stacks "Custom boot screen not used because entry has unset use graphics"....
  2. I think 64bit UEFI bios is important because it need to boot latest OSX. Little Z3735 atom PCs has 64bit bios. Does anyone know a 64bit bios atom PC other than CX-W8 ?
  3. The latest clover (since r3205) has started initial support for Atom z37xx CPU. Unfortunately I have bricked my CX-W8....
  4. I got pictures of messages at boot. Kernel panic happens when KernelCpu is YES. It says UEFI not supported ....... tsc.c:211
  5. I downloaded Clover source code, It seems to Clover does not support Bay Trail Atom. CPU definition is in /rEFIt_UEFI/Platform/Platform.h #define CPU_MODEL_PENTIUM_M 0x09 #define CPU_MODEL_DOTHAN 0x0D #define CPU_MODEL_YONAH 0x0E #define CPU_MODEL_MEROM 0x0F /* same as CONROE but mobile */ #define CPU_MODEL_CONROE 0x0F /* Allendale, Conroe, Kentsfield, Woodcrest, Clovertown, Tigerton */ #define CPU_MODEL_CELERON 0x16 /* ever see? */ #define CPU_MODEL_PENRYN 0x17 /* Yorkfield, Harpertown, Penryn M */ #define CPU_MODEL_WOLFDALE 0x17 /* kind of penryn but desktop */ #define CPU_MODEL_NEHALEM 0x1A /* Bloomfield. Nehalem-EP, Nehalem-WS, Gainestown */ #define CPU_MODEL_ATOM 0x1C /* Pineview UN */ #define CPU_MODEL_XEON_MP 0x1D /* MP 7400 UN */ #define CPU_MODEL_FIELDS 0x1E /* Lynnfield, Clarksfield, Jasper */ #define CPU_MODEL_DALES 0x1F /* Havendale, Auburndale */ #define CPU_MODEL_CLARKDALE 0x25 /* Clarkdale, Arrandale */ #define CPU_MODEL_ATOM_SAN 0x26 /* Haswell H ? */ #define CPU_MODEL_LINCROFT 0x27 /* UN */ #define CPU_MODEL_SANDY_BRIDGE 0x2A #define CPU_MODEL_WESTMERE 0x2C /* Gulftown LGA1366 */ #define CPU_MODEL_JAKETOWN 0x2D /* Sandy Bridge Xeon LGA2011 */ #define CPU_MODEL_NEHALEM_EX 0x2E #define CPU_MODEL_WESTMERE_EX 0x2F #define CPU_MODEL_ATOM_2000 0x36 /* UN */ #define CPU_MODEL_IVY_BRIDGE 0x3A #define CPU_MODEL_HASWELL 0x3C /* Haswell DT */ #define CPU_MODEL_HASWELL_U5 0x3D /* Haswell U5 5th generation */ #define CPU_MODEL_IVY_BRIDGE_E5 0x3E /* Ivy Bridge Xeon UN */ #define CPU_MODEL_HASWELL_MB 0x3F /* Haswell MB */ //#define CPU_MODEL_HASWELL_H 0x?? // Haswell H #define CPU_MODEL_HASWELL_ULT 0x45 /* Haswell ULT */ #define CPU_MODEL_HASWELL_ULX 0x46 /* Haswell ULX CPUID_MODEL_CRYSTALWELL */ #define CPU_VENDOR_INTEL 0x756E6547 #define CPU_VENDOR_AMD 0x68747541 /* Unknown CPU */ #define CPU_STRING_UNKNOWN "Unknown CPU Type" I want to know how to fix it and cpuid of Baytrail Atom.
  6. I updated 64bit firmware my CX-W8. I made clover installer checking install clover in the ESP, Don't update MBR and EBR sectors and Clover64EFI. I can see Apple logo on my screen but nothing happened... I got debug log, please tell me how to boot installer. 42:974 0:048 ========= Auto patch DSDT Finished ======== 43:063 0:089 Drop tables from Xsdt, SIGN=SSDT TableID=CpuPm Length=1891 43:111 0:048 Xsdt has tables count=22 43:160 0:048 Table: SSDT CpuPm 1891 dropped 43:933 0:773 corrected XSDT length=204 43:981 0:048 Patch table: SSDT CpuDptf 44:030 0:048 SSDT len = 0x603 44:078 0:048 Patch table: SSDT DptfTab 44:126 0:048 SSDT len = 0x24A5 44:174 0:048 Patch table: SSDT LowPwrM 44:226 0:051 SSDT len = 0x58 44:277 0:051 Patch table: SSDT SoCDptf 44:325 0:047 SSDT len = 0xFF 44:414 0:089 Patch table: SSDT Tpm2Tabl 44:462 0:047 SSDT len = 0x43A 44:510 0:047 Patch table: SSDT Cpu0Tst 44:561 0:051 SSDT len = 0x290 44:609 0:048 Patch table: SSDT ApTst 44:657 0:048 SSDT len = 0x17A 44:721 0:064 Drop tables from Xsdt, SIGN=XXXX TableID= Length=0 44:769 0:048 Xsdt has tables count=21 44:818 0:048 corrected XSDT length=204 44:866 0:048 CPUBase=0 and ApicCPUBase=1 ApicCPUNum=4 44:914 0:048 Unsupported CPU (0x6): P-States not generated !!! 45:004 0:090 GeneratePStates failed: Status=Not Found 45:053 0:048 SSDT with CPU C-States generated successfully 45:101 0:048 Intel Unknown [8086:0F31] :: PciRoot(0x0)\Pci(0x2,0x0) 45:152 0:051 Intel card id=F31 unsupported, please report to projectosx 45:200 0:048 Intel GFX revision =0xF 45:248 0:047 USB Controller [8086:0F35] :: PciRoot(0x0)\Pci(0x14,0x0) 45:296 0:048 stringlength = 896 45:344 0:048 CurrentMode: Width=1280 Height=720 45:392 0:047 FSInjection: using kexts path: 'EFI\CLOVER\kexts\10.9'45:530 0:138 45:582 0:052 Preparing kexts injection for arch=x86_64 from EFI\CLOVER\kexts\10.9 45:634 0:051 Extra kext: EFI\CLOVER\kexts\10.9\FakeSMC.kext 45:717 0:082 Extra kext: EFI\CLOVER\kexts\10.9\NullCPUPowerManagement.kext 45:775 0:058 Extra kext: EFI\CLOVER\kexts\10.9\RealtekRTL81xx.kext 45:873 0:097 SetStartupDiskVolume: 45:916 0:042 * Volume: 'Install OS X Mavericks' 45:964 0:048 * LoaderPath: '\.IABootFiles\boot.efi' 46:012 0:048 * DevPath: Install OS X Mavericks 46:102 0:089 * GUID = 18079BF1-C77A-421A-8F3F-9F2BA478FFE8 46:150 0:048 * efi-boot-device: <array><dict><key>IOMatch</key><dict><key>IOProviderClass</key><string>IOMedia</string><key>IOPropertyMatch</key><dict><key>UUID</key><string>18079BF1-C77A-421A-8F3F-9F2BA478FFE8</string></dict></dict></dict></array> 46:214 0:064 Custom boot is disabled 46:263 0:048 Closing log I tried all cpuid but no one could boot.
  7. Now CX-W8 seems to has 64bit UEFI bios. It can download here. This may easier to boot OSX on CX-W8. http://www.cnx-software.com/2015/04/29/how-to-install-64-bit-bios-on-sunchip-cx-w8-unbricking-method/
  8. You can go to UEFI menu at Windows8.1 setting, reboot and recovery. You will see boot selector and select USB stick to boot.
  9. This use VMWare... http://techcat.ca/threads/onda-v975w-os-x-yosemite-tablet-better-than-ipad.121/
  10. I think I need 64bit compatible 32bit UEFI boot loader. I tried several boot.efi file, nothing boot.
  11. This post is interesting. http://forums.macrumors.com/showpost.php?p=19195043&postcount=108
  12. I try to install Yosemite. 1. Install clover as wrote above. 2. Modify installer 32bit EFI capable. https://www.icloud.com/pages/AwBUCAESEIHvYxwJ7bfbQYZU8VqSphwaKdQEguSH2mGxgP5wk66iL6UtsMOX4MbJpAHpIQHV06hXsjj-VxPhjMWuMCUCAQEEIF5RLaPjoQEXqY55rowLfyEbKKz2FJoGHyk_VYi20E1F#Yosemite_on_a_Mac_Pro_1,1_or_2,1_-_Boot.efi_Method But can not boot installer ...
  13. I can see OSX installer by checking install clover in the ESP, Don't update MBR and EBR sectors and Clover32EFI. I can select OSX installer but nothing happens. This discussion is helpful. http://sourceforge.net/p/cloverefiboot/discussion/1726372/thread/e0f2e838/ This page is also interesting. http://oemden.com/sixty-four-on-thirty-two-sfott/