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  1. This guide has been great and here's where I'm stuck. I have the e1505 running SL but I have to choose between video and sound... I loaded with the following guide: http://osx-e1505.vacau.com/ and a Retail Copy of SL I have the nVidia card. When I look at my sys config on Dell it says the following: Card,Graphics,256MB,G72,I6400 Which, I'm assuming is the 7200. Sound is the Sigmatel Card. Everything works (Keyboard and Mouse, Dual Core, Wifi....except for this video/sound issue: When I use the pre-done Dell boot CD and select my HDD with SL on it, I use the following switch: arch=i386 (per the instructions in the guide) When I do this, after going to the white screen with the spinning wheel, the screen goes blank and if I hook up an external monitor, I get a picture and it works fine. (I had that it was blue before, but that was just me being stupid and had a loose connection on the vga cable LOL) Everything works except for the screen on the laptop. If I hit Fn F8 to switch the display, the laptop completely locks up. So..I try to boot without the "arch=i386" and the video is fine on the laptop. Everything else works again...except sound. If I go to Sound in the Preferences screen, there are no devices listed. The fact that my chameleon install isn't working isn't that important to me. I can handle using the boot CD for now. One problem at a time LOL! I had OSX Leopard installed on it with no problems. Any suggestions? Oh, I tried "TheGreatDeceiver's" gma950Jan10.zip and used the KextHelper to install them. I didn't get any errors, but it didn't fix anything. Is this an issue of each driver being for a specific kernal? One for x64 and the other for x32?? So, when I boot into one side one works and the other doesn't? I'm downloading his "ExtensionsJan10.zip" file and will just copy it over mine if needed. What do you think?