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  1. Thanks for the writeup, got my Time Machine backup under 10.6.3 going right now to my SS4200e NAS SMB share Not doing too bad either, averaging 35MB/s. One thing to note is that during the copy phase of the setup I got a lot of errors: cp: test: unable to copy extended attributes to /Volumes/Backups/test: Operation not permitted and cp: chflags: /Volumes/Backups/test/bands/0: Invalid argument removing the p option will remove the invalid argument errors since you will no longer be preserving the Mac OS options for the files (owner, access, etc). For the SS4200e this is what you want, as the permissions must be set by the server in order for your user to have access to them. The extended attributes error can be ignored, as Time Machine luckily is not depending on any of these extended attributes in order to perform it's work. Thanks again, great to be able to have TM working to my NAS PS: Intel apparently has stopped making the SS4200 devices, anyone looking for an inexpensive (when I got mine they were in the $250-$300 range) and fast NAS, there might be some close out deals around somewhere. Speed wise I tried many NAS devices, and most got 8-12MB/s max, a few got into the 20s. For straight file copies this one does ~30MB/s for lots of small files and 45-50MB/s (sometimes more) for large files.