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  1. GMA X4500

    there is no itunes coverflow, but coverflow for your apps do work. everything else works fine, HD flash video will stutter though from sites like YouTube, but I was able to play downloaded 720P trailers without a hitch. The only other thing missing that I noticed is that when you add widgets to the dashboard you don't see that ripple effect. Also, if you are running Leopard the menu bar won't be transparent(but I like it better without transparency anyway)
  2. I can't help you about this topic but do you mind telling me how SL runs on your Asus even without proper video? Do you get native resolution?
  3. GMA X4500

    I sold my laptop with a 4500MHD with the plans of getting a real MacBook. Nonetheless, I am still rooting for a 4500 driver to come out for you guys. Good luck!
  4. Hey, I have a hackintoshed laptop with Windows 7 on one partition and Leopard on another for dualboot. I am selling my laptop and need to remove my OS X install. Now, I would just reinstall Windows 7 and wipe off everything, but I am away at college and the disc is at home, so I don't have the Windows 7 disc. So how would I remove/format my OS X partition?
  5. Hey guys, I am looking at the $900 Asus U30JC. Here are the specs Core-i3-350m 4GB DDR3 RAM nVidia GeForce 310M with nVidia Optimus Technology What could be some problems with putting Snow Leopard on there? It seems that with the Optimus Technology, this Asus has the Intel HD graphics card, which is the same as the ones in the new MBP. It would be nice to have the 310M work as well but I am not concerned about that, as I would be dual-booting SL and 7 and will be doing my gaming on Windows 7. I just need to have QE/CI supported so I can at least run iLife/watch DVDs etc. Could the processor be the hick-up? If I knew that Snow Leopard would work flawlessly I am totally down with buying this system, Apple dropped the ball with their new 13-inch MBP "update" and has forced me into this route.
  6. GMA X4500

    Even though I plan on buying an actual MacBook this summer and getting QE/CI on my current machine is not that important. I am still really excited. I have waited for so long, could this be the time it finally comes?
  7. Intel HD Graphics

    Hmm, I have heard both that it is similar and that it is very different. For our sake(4500 owners) I hope you are right.
  8. I am a little confused right now. There are m1340s with the 9400m card and then there is another with the 9500m card with SLI. The first post says that the 9500m does NOT work, correct? Does that mean that I can't use QE/CI AT ALL??? Or could I just use the 9400m for QE/CI? Will Snow Leopard just ignore the discrete graphics in my laptop and act like it's just a 9400m by itself? Please help, my decision on buying this laptop hinges on this revelation. I want to have a dual-boot of W7 and SL, with W7 for gaming using the SLI, SL would still have QE/CI right?
  9. GeForce 200 series support

    Hey guys, do you know if I would have any trouble with a laptop that has a G210m graphics card with Hybrid SLI? I need to enable QE/CI. It's a Dell M1340 btw.
  10. GMA X4500

    ah yes this thread, I have stopped following it because any hope of getting someone other than Apple to create a driver for this is bleak at best. All we can hope is that the architecture of the GMA HD driver is similar enough to use it. In any case, the next laptop I get, I will for sure try to make it as compatible with OS X as possible. I won't be getting a Mac, it's overpriced and I'd rather shell out money and have a good graphics card.
  11. GMA X4500

    No one knows if the kext will be similar enough to port down but it's the best chance we have for getting QE/CI on 4500
  12. Do you think when Apple releases MacBooks with the Intel GMA HD graphics card it will lead to drivers for the GMA 4500? I am no expert but it would make sense that the two cards are similar. http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/q...rated-graphics/
  13. GMA X4500

    Best bet right now is when Apple starts using Core i3/i5 processors in their notebooks which all have the Intel GMA HD graphics card. Hopefully the architecture is similar enough to the 4500 that with some modifications we can get QE/CI.
  14. GMA X4500

    It's possible because Apple may release new MacBooks with the Core i5 processor which has Intel GMA HD graphics. I assume that the new GMA HD will be similar to the 4500 MHD so we might be able to use the kext as well.