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  1. [TOTALLY VANILLA] Retail Snow Leopard

    Possible to integrate this --> http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=189562 maybe ?
  2. 10.6 on a notebook HP nx7400

    Well i dont really like how is working since i can only use a core, else the cpu was working okish with intelspeedstep. The GMA was as good as one can be i suppose
  3. 10.6 on a notebook HP nx7400

    http://www.mediafire.com/?jljzdoitjm5 - Custom boot321 cd which i made/edit to work on NX7400. At the Chameleon boot replace the CD with the Retail DVD(or a restored partition be it on a hdd or usb) and you are set to go, have fun p.s also contains my "fixed" DSDT.aml with most patches but still you cant use two Cores (it boots with cpus=1)
  4. Did the HP NX7400 dual core ever been fixed ? been following this topic but i cant say i saw anyone stating so.
  5. Should Apple Sell OSX For Use On A PC?

    And what hardware do they actually produce ? imo apple is not more then a intel based custom system assembler with a improved bsd os, i like OS X (i even brought my copy )but id never ever buy any of Apple's overpriced "hardware" products, or any other x86 system builder, with a bit of knowledge you can just make your own, the cash should go to the productors(they invest in the REAL!! research) not to those who pack it in some pretty boxes.
  6. Did you set the proper permissions after ? flush kext cash and build new mkext's ? This is what usualy works for me when nothing else does
  7. 10.6 on a notebook HP nx7400

    Now it works and it does pretty well. I had to install it within my other OS X (10.5.8), made my DSDT.aml by using the windows iasl which for some reason got a working dump and the os x iasl did not, also i had to use the kext script to fix the mkext's (-s didn't work even), one thing worth mentioning is network card i use, the BCM4401 or so which has a driver, but sometimes it just hangs, i found that a good method to fix this by powering off the notebook and removing the battery for a few seconds, thats about it. Must but with a single Core (cpus=1), EFI string for Intel video card and last im using the Chameleon RC 3 . To be fixed still: WiFi
  8. 10.6 on a notebook HP nx7400

    Hi thanks for the reply, it just dosen't load the right kext, so a boot issue, seams it works only if i load the needed kext in the /System/Library/Extensions, or more likely im doing something wrong the Intel card was not a issue with efi string.
  9. 10.6 on a notebook HP nx7400

    Now i dont have KPs but after it loads it just hangs like that in the pic. I cant say i notice any errors while it boots up.
  10. http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechS...odTypeId=321957 - The hardware I'm running 10.5.8 Leopard without much issues, well it does crash unless i set cpus=1. The problem is i cannot seam to install SL(i keep getting KPs at boot), so i think im not using the right kext, can someone with more experience point me to what i should be using ? to boot up at least, rest i think i can find on my own.
  11. 9/12/09 11:22:12 PM kernel ATA: Device wake up failed (0x09/12/09 11:22:12 PM kernel disk1s5: no such device.0000003), terminating device... 9/12/09 11:22:12 PM kernel NTFS-fs error (device /dev/disk1s5, pid 251): ntfs_mft_record_map_ext(): Failed to read buffer of mft record 0x2e (error 6).9/12/09 11:22:12 PM kernel NTFS-fs error (device /dev/disk1s5, pid 251): ntfs_inode_read(): Failed to map mft record. 9/12/09 11:22:12 PM kernel NTFS-fs error (device /dev/disk1s5, pid 251): ntfs_inode_read(): Failed (error 6) for inode 0x2e. Run chkdsk. 9/12/09 11:22:12 PM kernel NTFS-fs error (device /dev/disk1s5, pid 251): ntfs_vnop_lookup(): Failed to get inode 0x2e (error 6). this is what im getting on my sata hdd which contains ntfs partitions, any clue whats this about ? the ext usb drive which is also formated in ntfs doesen't have any problems. I will try to do a chkdsk see if it helps. later edit: yea that was it, now it works well so never mind .
  12. Thanks I didn't realise that the dsdt which comes out of the GUI patcher isn't really "patched", after a bit of work i managed to fix that( http://www.hackint0sh.org/f213/84309.htm used the DSTD step from over there) sata still dosen't work well tho ><
  13. This time it worked for me as well, using your kexts. Lacking sata /on board sound card. Later edit Got sound to work with voodoohda and sata sort off (used AppleNForceATA),it fails often, (ntfs) partitions on my sata hdd just get unmounted,the real issue is still the dsdt.aml, im u using the GUI patcher btw, it no error but a warning, thing is...every time i reboot from SL pc gets stuck and have to reset CMOS ><
  14. Yeah i found them both, the windows app dosen't support my type of bios and the nix doesn't seam to work, since i can't ever get past the same boring KP on the first boot.
  15. So where do you guys find this DSDT.aml ?