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  1. ATI mobility drives

    I have a ATI HD3430 mobility chip on my laptop. If anyone has any source, patch or info please reply... I'm desperate to get it working... Packard bell (easynote ML65) Core 2 Duo Realtek HD Audio (Voodoo.kext works fine) Ati Radeon Mobility HD 3430 Graphics Ethernet works well usb mouse cooking aswell Please any info on ATI mobility chips much apreciated......... thnx
  2. ATI Mobility HD 3430

    has anyone installed a drive for ATI Mobility HD 3430 chip. Natit won't work and quartz does not recognize the device. I've played around with the plist Natit starts then ethernet inits and freezes. Any info on a ATI HD 3430 mobility graphics much appreciated.
  3. Can anyone please help me in uninstalling .kext in single user mode is there a way? Also would be nice to figure out if I can back up a kernel config file, but most important I would like to uninstall kext single user mode. Any help plz Fred I was able to do it I just had to mount the file system. Can anyone tell me if it's posible to backup a kernel config file plz... thnx
  4. My question is if this will work on my ATI HD 3430 mobility chip. Any comments much appreciated. thnx...
  5. Note book with core duo ss3 proc, ati mobility catalyst, realtek audio. I'm trying to install. the dvd drive reads over and over the kalyway disk then gives up and boots into my win partition. any help pls.
  6. I'm trying to install kalyway leopard on a packard bell laptop with a core2 duo proc. After a few atemps I know I burnt the CD corectly with isoMagic (an ISO image). The dvd starts reading the disk for a few minutes then automatically boots into a win partion. My guess is that it doesn't detect the hard disk, or maybe it's the dvd drive?. Is there a way to get around this. I'm a newbie to x86 but I have done some unix installs. Any hint pls thnx I forgot to mention that the chipset is intel, audio realtek and ati mobility for graphics, the hard disk starts with SWN...