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  1. Well then... I'll get used to it. Thanks for clearing that up. Thanks again. Thats what I thougth. I just have skge and VoodooHDA in S/L/E so I should be fine with any upcoming updates... What about fakesmc. Is it update-proof? I remember having read something in netkas' blog that dsmos will have to be updated as soon as 10.6.1 is out to work with it... Is this also the case with fakesmc?
  2. Hmm , that's not exactly the idea of the whole efi partition thing... Is this just with some SL kexts, or was this problem already there with leopard?
  3. Thx for the answer! So one had to put all the dependencies on the efi partition too? Would that work? I'd really like the idea of having an untouched system partition without any added or modified kexts, plists et cetera...
  4. Has this question been asked a million times before? Then at least tell me that...
  5. I'd be really thankful if someone with some knowledge about kexts could explain why some kexts only work in /S/L/E/ and not if loaded by a bootloader e.g. from an EFI Partition. It shouldn't be about dependencies because they should all be satisfied as soon as the system loads the rest of the kext from the system drive or am I wrong about this?
  6. Can someone help me? It hangs here and after 2-3 mins it says continuing and reboots... I installed from tiger with pacifist.
  7. Hmm i think OSInstall.mpkg can only be opened from within Leopard... So there are three methods to install it: - with a "real" intel-mac (ppc won't work because it wont install the system on a guid drive) - with the flat image of leopard - or with tiger and pacifist i tried the last since i only have an old ppc G5... pacifist was extremely slow... especially the part where it checks all the files. it took about 2 hours to finish. but something went wrong. i think i made a mistake when the app asked me to overwrite things because some files weren't completely installed and so it couldn't boot up. now i'm trying it again...
  8. checking cpu temp

    suppose it only works for intel core processors...
  9. checking cpu temp

    You haven't tried google or the forum search, have you? TemperatureMonitor
  10. I have another question. I have to CPU frequencies at the same time?! Once the right one 2.13 but also 3.8... What's wrong here?
  11. 512 MB Video Card

    Just type in your wanted resolution in the com.Apple.Boot.plist file in /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/ I've got a 8800GTS with 640MB and it worked for me... you likely wont have QE and CI enabled but the resoultion should be fine... <key>Graphics Mode</key> <string>1280×1024×32</string> EDIT: Related Thread
  12. 10.4.7 Clonen

    Guten Morgen Ob CCCloner auf einem X86 Mac nicht richtig funktioniert, kann ich dir nicht sagen, aber versuche dein Glück doch einmal bei VersionTracker... Dort gibts einige Tools. Kann dir für die jedoch auch keine Garantie geben. Den Link jedoch schon ^^ EDIT: zu spät ^^ Greetz
  13. Thx! For those who want to know it's in /System/Library/CoreServices/loginwindow.app/Contents/Resources/*your language*.lproj/AboutThisMac.string Greetz
  14. Hi Just wondered why my CPU Information isn't correct. I remember that it was correct when I checked it after the update to 10.4.10. Could it be because I've changed AppleSMBIOS.kext to an older one to get Adobe CS3 working? Greetz
  15. Thx man, thx a lot! I've updated to 10.4.10 with kernel 8.10.1 and installed the kexts from diabolik (They aren't officially available on his page but they're still in the directory. I took the "NVidia.8x00.Kexts.mpkg.zip".) My 8800GTS still isn't recognised by the system but the tearing disappeared as you said.